Top 3 Most useful blogging platform to start a blog for free

It isn’t only enough for the physician to make good. It does matter where he puts up his clinic too, right? For any blogger, selecting the best blogging strategy is nearly as essential as the material he is trying to market.

This writeup is tailor-made for anyone trying to start a site for free. You would want to end up with the most useful blogging site that’s user friendly, readily customizable, and is easy in your reader’s own eyes!

Thinking of expressing your opinion on the web? And even hoping to generate a decent earning only by writing your comments onto the gigantic online arena? Well, there is a wide range of complimentary blogging websites offered that you start a blog. Naturally, which most useful blog platform you choose is completely up to you as well as your requirements.

Listed below here are brief write-ups about the 7 most useful blogging platforms that will help you decide which you choose when attempting to start a site at no cost.


Just about all to-be bloggers and current bloggers might have heard about WordPress in their blogging journey or at least throughout their search for the exact same. In this trip, one is likely to hesitate for one moment before choosing between and is more for users that are searching for free blogging websites while necessitates hosting with the user, which means you have to shell out a couple of bucks to get the absolute most out of it but it entitles you to get full ownership of one’s blog.

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the same and decide if it’s the very best blogging platform for you?

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  • Very good content management platform.
  • can be an open-source internet site builder contributing to its flexibility.
  • Types of themes make it highly customizable for bloggers. The power is more here to
  • Numerous free plugins are designed for promoting diversity.
  • If you are trying to make some income out of your blogging, then you can always choose This really is but one of the best blogging platforms for e-commerce.
  • It provides you lots of scopes to learn and expand. There are an array of forums and communities that will assist you along the way if you find it too difficult.
  • Selfhosting for demands one to invest some money into it. But hey, the further you are ready to invest, the more benefits you can reap especially if you are using the site as part of your company instead of as a pastime.
  • Limited plugins and layouts are available for but remain very much at par with other blogging platforms.
  • It requires time to have a hang of all the features before receiving the maximum benefit and is time-consuming and challenging for a beginner.

The fundamental gap which can be attributed to when it has to do with differentiating between the 2 is the domain. For those who have noticed specifically, you’ve got expansion whilst another has a. Com extension. The mystery starts! Proceed ahead and read the trendy features that make the two separate from each other. is more of a software service established company that offers hosting services in the large. will be more of an informative data container that includes information basically related to word press and its different facets. Offers hosting services completely free. The installation part is a bit tricky though. This service is free and will be now more of an open-source platform that gives the quality product to its own users. Not customizable. No personalized plugins or alteration of source code enabled. Customization made quite possible. The modification of source code is easy to derive the most useful benefits. you need to cover the removal of third-party advertisements. No such payment fees required.


Though yet another popular blogging platform, Weebly is now mostly used as a website builder. With Weebly, you are able to get your website up and running in almost no time.

  • Easy drag and drop option when creating website content therefore providing a visual port.
  • It provides you an amazing deal of use. You need not be technology savvy to find your way around Weebly
    The appealing design and design choices
  • Not frustrating, since it’s relatively simple to learn how to go around it
    perfect for those users looking to build simple or small websites
  • Free hosting services offered to their internet web sites
  • Possessing a platform built to get eCommerce
    Monetization. Weebly Offers Lots of options within this area such as AdSense, banner ads, and Third-party codes
  • Not an opensource website builder. Does not provide much flexibility when compared with the other players in the stage
    there’s a typical full page restriction to the free and beginner plans – 5 pages to the prior and 10 pages for your latter. But, you will find two upgrades from the starter plan available.
  • Lacks in customization capacities.
  • Does not encourage additional plugins besides the people which are already built-in. Hence, There’s no option of installing more plugins of your pick.
  • Perhaps not ideal for those attempting to Earn earnings using complex sites
    Why Is BLOGGER the Most Effective BLOGGING PLATFORM?

Because it is a free platform and anybody can create their first blog and start making money but there are some pros and cons. you can check here but I will recommend you go with WordPress. Get reliable hosting and start blogging. Get 70% OFF on GreenGeek Web Hosting.

  • You will be offered a custom domain name which is fundamental to the form
  • It offers exclusive free hosting and the publishing features are all taken care of by your website itself.
  • If you are just beginning, this free blogging site is absolutely suggested for you personally, since it supplies an easy to use graphical interface with a step-by-step process clarified for the same.
  • The targeted advantages of bloggers are very good. However, customization features are not so readily available and there is a type of limited edition theme and graphics for the same.
  • Because it is relatively easy to use, there is limited or no kind of service services offered by the site. But, you’ll be able to hunt the web for any assistance need as you begin your own site.

Tumblr includes its own reputation among blogging web sites. It is quite an arena which fundamentally deals in the community established updates and articles alike and has a 1 stop shop look having its image lined galleries.

Listed here are a few pros and cons which can assist you to differentiate it from the other top blogging platforms and give you a more clear understanding of which platform to choose for the precise needs. Go on and offer them a look.

  • Simple and minimalistic features lined with a terrific user interface that helps you start your very own blog for the particular purpose
  • Quite much like social networking sites, it’s pretty a community-based blog with superior image gallery online including re-blogging features and the like.
  • High-end premium motifs are offered at an affordable price apart from the cheap hosting features it offers. Starting a Tumblr blog is in fact free!
  • Offering attractive apps for the different kinds of smart-phone online makes it a great option among the very best blogging platforms.
  • Customization features according to your own requirements aren’t yet made available with this platform that is extensive. This is a huge drawback to the otherwise wonderful totally absolutely free blogging site.
  • Only constrained widgets and options are available for use.

Hope you like this post and enjoyed it and you got amazing knowledge. If you have any questions then you can ask in the comments section. And we will try to give you the best blogging knowledge in the future. Just share this post with your friends who are interested in blogging but they have not a platform to create the first blog.