Uses of IT in Digital marketing System In 2021

This has never been a matter of discussion that which industry you belong to or what services and products you are offering the customers, digital marketing has always been the backbone of the business and there is no going back!

No need to mention, but in this era of technology and innovation, marketing has become yet another fast pace were grabbing the attention of the customer is the first goal. The old methods aren’t going to work so it is high time to make the most of the moment.

-Forecast done in December 2019 predicted, the global advertising market in 2020 will be up to $628 billion! Insanely huge!

In today’s year of 2020, having an online presence is very important to achieve success. Those businesses that do not embed digital marketing for their advertisements and promotions are always left behind.

-Recent surveys have reflected that there are 80% of businesses who want chatbots in 2020. By the end of 2022, chatbots would be able to help businesses in saving $8 billion each year!

There is a wide range of tools and technologies that can be used by businesses nowadays for digital marketing and related systems in 2020 and beyond. Information Technology is one of those useful sectors that can be embedded into the other disciplines easily and will produce fruitful results.

If your business is hustling to build a strong foundation then you must make complete use of available technologies along with all the smart tools that can get your business to the top.

No matter, you are running a business or providing hnd assignment help in London, you need to use digital marketing along with all the tools.

Below are the 5 ways in which you can use IT in the digital marketing system for the year 2020 and beyond. By embedding these uses of Information Technology into the world of digital marketing and social media advertising, your business will stand out from the crowd like a boss! Let’s have a look.

Artificial Intelligence:

This era is the era of Artificial Intelligence. How? Let me elaborate on this a little, AI has become the heart of industries and soon it will start to work and think like a human, indeed a massive change! AI can be embraced with social media platforms. It will play a vital role by letting the businesses know the customers’ feedback about their services.

AI would work wonders if it would be combined with digital marketing. Hence, the processes of basic communication, content creation, and email personalization would be handed over to the robots. The businesses that would adapt AI will surely deduct the staffing costs as the machines would take the place.

Programmatic Advertising:

Digital marketing can also embrace programmatic advertising. This would help the businesses to use automated ad buying that would result in targeting more audience. The process of the automated ad in digital marketing is considered to be one of the most efficient and quick due to lesser cost and higher conversions.

Once this is implemented, marketing automation will see a new change in the method of advertising. 86.2% of digital display ads are now programmatic. AI is also one of the key elements used behind these digital ads.


One of the most important features to use in digital marketing in this era is the use of Chatbots. They are thriving to become a vital part of marketing. They answer the customer right on time whether it is a day or a night.

Several surveys have been done in the past that reflected that chatbots would be powering 85% of customers in the year 2020. Almost every business now wants a chat because it sounds just like a human but more intelligent.

Video Marketing:

Include video marketing in your digital marketing right away or your business would be left behind! Almost 70% of the consumers are interested in watching and sharing the video content of any brand. Video is a highly interactive medium to engage the customers with the brand.

Research had also proven that if your business site possesses videos then it is 50x more likely to get organic search results. Google also appreciates the video content and rank those websites higher that include video content.

Social Messaging Apps:

Digital marketing is all about the promotion of a business or a brand. There are more than 2 billion active Facebook users and 10 billion-plus messages are sent between business and people on Messenger each month. See, how huge? A survey reflected, around 63% of customers turn to the company website that has a live chat.

These social media messaging applications can be used to send messages directly to customers.  The consumers also want the brand to be present on these messaging platforms because it is easier to interact.


These aforementioned discussed uses of IT in digital marketing systems are going to work in 2020 and beyond. The businesses nowadays must give these trends a detailed go through so they could come up with smart IT strategies in marketing like a pro!