How to Setup WooCommerce Product Variations Discount Pricing

Product variation in WooCommerce is a simple idea of ​​selling products with different options for the customer to choose from. WooCommerce variable pricing is a strategy in WooCommerce that allows you to offer a set of product options with prices, sizes, images, and other instructions for each option.

It can be used for a product such as a shirt, allowing you to offer large, medium, and small sizes and different colors. This step-by-step guide will show you how to schedule a product conversion in WooCommerce.

Why you should offer product variation discount prices

Suppose you are selling a pair of shoes at two different items. Because nothing is done the same, you want to add a little extra to one of the options.

Instead of creating different products for every pair of shoes in your WooCommerce store, you pay an extra fee per attribute (in this case, an additional $10 for leather). Thus, depending on the buyer’s option, he will adjust his final price.

This can be used for any feature you want to add additional fees, allowing you to speed up and generate a fixed cost. In the meantime, variable products can create risk conditions by increasing or decreasing prices based on selected product options.

How to Display Product Variations 

It is easy to display variable products in WooCommerce, if familiar with the plugin. However, please note that for this post, we are assuming that you have your online store up and running and that you know how to create and edit straightforward content in WooCommerce.

Create a Variable Product

WooCommerce allows you to sort product options from the box. Just choose Products> Add New to get started.

Once you’ve entered a product name and description, please write it down in the Product Details section—select Product Variable from the drop-down at the top. You will see that the product parameters have changed accordingly.

Add Product Attributes

Next, go to the Attributes tab. Select the type of WooCommerce product you want to add from the drop-down list. The wrong choices are color and size, but you can also create your style.

Click the Add button to apply the selected attribute. Then fill in the required information.

Including both the “View on product pages” and “Use for modification” options is essential. Then you can list essential attributes (for example, small, medium, and large, or red, yellow, and blue).

You can also repeat this process if your product has a lot of variety (for example, in different sizes and colors). Don’t forget to click Save Attributes when you’re done here.

Generate Your Variations

So you can go to the “Variations” tab. There you will see a drop-down list with two options – Add Sequence and Create Variants from All Properties:

The second option will automatically generate WooCommerce product conversions for any combination of attributes you specify. Select “Add Change” and use the spacebars to create each item if you want to add options manually.

Then you can fill in the product information for each option as individual items. Here you can also enter different prices for each option as needed. You will also need to provide transportation and tax information. Once you have done this for each change of WooCommerce product, click Save Changes.

Preview and Publish 

At this point, you may need to add other information to complete the product page. After entering all the required information, you can save all changes and view the product.

Check the candidate (s) and make sure all the options are available. If everything is correct and you are ready to start selling this item, you can publish the page by clicking the “Publish” button in the editor.

Step-by step Guide to WooCommerce Product Variation Discounts Pricing

Product discounts can be easily set up with the best WooCommerce product conversion app, “WooCommerce Discount Rules.” The plugin helps you create customized discounts for WooCommerce, such as discount percentages, bulk discounts, discount prices, and discount rates in your store.

Let’s move on to installing the WooCommerce product variations plugin,

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins section.

Step 2: Click the “Add New” button.

Step 3: Search for the plugin “WooCommerce variable pricing,”

Step 4: Install & activate the plugin.

You can also get your hands on it in your store by downloading the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository. Check out the WooCommerce variable pricing plugin for more features.


Discounts on WooCommerce products are effective discounts if provided at the time of checkout. Try to implement the best WooCommerce discount type for your custom products and succeed with your WooCommerce store.