5 Life Skills to Teach Your Child at an Early Age

Learning life skills helps a child establish healthy self-esteem and self-reliance. It also helps them feel powerful, improves their sociability and reasoning skills, and helps them build a strong sense of self in the process of growing up. As parents, it’s your responsibility to assist them in becoming responsible individuals.

Many of these abilities can be instilled in children early, but you must alter your expectations as your child matures. Their level of independence will increase as they gain more experience putting their talents into practice. In the best pre-schools in Singapore, the teachers strive to develop life skills in kids so that they don’t face problems as they grow up.

We have listed five life skills that even you can teach your child at an early age:

Let them do their work.

When kids grow up, they are likely to relocate to pursue a career. And if kids aren’t taught responsibility and essential life skills now, they will have difficulties in the future. 

Make sure your child is responsible for their task, whether it’s putting their school bag together or delivering their plate to the kitchen. Best schools in Punggol and other parts of the world encourage children to learn these skills early.

Decision Making Skills

Education, career, and life partners are just a few of the many critical decisions we must make during our lives. How about imparting in your child the ability to make appropriate decisions from an early age itself?

Here’s how to do it: start with modest and straightforward lessons that educate children on making sensible judgments. For example, begin by asking them to choose between two activities or games, two different food items, or anything similar. Once you do this, the child will comprehend the ramifications of their decisions. So, walk your child through the process, assist them in weighing the advantages and downsides, and then help them make their decision!

Preparing a Simple Meal

Invite your child to assist you in preparing meals, assign them tasks, and remain calm when the flour or milk spills. Allow pre-schoolers to scoop yoghurt into a bowl and then top with sliced, prewashed fruit. Show children aged five and up how to create sandwiches and smoothies, and let kids of age eight experiment with the toaster oven. If you follow these steps, your child should be able to use the stovetop safely and independently by the age of ten.

The basics of budgeting

This is one of the most critical abilities to acquire. You can help them learn this by providing your kid with a set amount of pocket money that they must use to cover their expenses during the month. If they want to purchase something a bit more expensive, tell them to save up their pocket money. 

Basic self-defence

Although it is a skill that you do not want your child to use, self-defence is necessary for children to have at least a fundamental awareness. In addition, having self-defence skills will put you at ease and provide your child with the confidence they need to stay safe.

As we all know, life has its ways of teaching lessons. But, it’s better to prepare your child to face different situations beforehand. We can’t always protect them, but we can surely prepare them. Therefore, instilling these skills early on is essential and the best pre-schools in Singapore assists you in achieving this goal.