5 Steps to Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Coach Training

Most people want to improve their careers and learn new skills, but the cost of these resources can be prohibitive.

That’s where coaching comes in—it’s a great way to learn and grow professionally. 

If you want your employer to pay for your coaching training, you first have to ensure they would be interested in it. This article will outline five steps you can follow to get your employer on board with paying for your coaching education.

Five Ways to Convince Your Employer to Pay for Coach Training

If you want to pursue a coaching career, your employer may be willing to foot the bill for training. Listed below are the steps you should take.

Present Your Business Case

Begin by presenting your business case to your employer. This should include an overview of why you need coach training and how it will benefit your organization.

It’s also important to highlight any potential savings achieved through a coach, such as reduced employee turnover, improved efficiency and communication, and increased productivity.

Dig Deep Into Your Company’s Budget

Once you’ve outlined the benefits of coach training, it’s time to explore your company’s budget and see if any funds are available for this expense.

Coaching services can often be cost-effective, so don’t be afraid to ask for help calculating the program’s full cost. If there’s still no room in the budget, consider looking into other reimbursement forms, such as sponsored lunches or training materials.

Launch a Pilot Program

Launch a pilot program with select employees for training the trainer course. It should be done before rolling it out to the entire workforce.

This way, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable with the changes and that there are no unforeseen complications during implementation. 

Offer Flexible Scheduling Options

This goes hand in hand with demonstrating value while you train the trainer courses. If you can fit coaching training into your current schedule, be open to working around other commitments as needed.

Solidify Funding Commitments from Top Management

Earn their buy-in by outlining quantifiable results that can be achieved from implementing coach training – such as increased employee productivity or reduced customer complaints/service issues.


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