How to Become a Class Valedictorian

It is a big honour to be proclaimed the class valedictorian. They are the pride of the institute. This honour goes to the most popular and brilliant student in the class. Popularity and excellence in academics do not come easily. It requires continuous hard work and dedication. The student chosen as valedictorian is the one who has earned the reputation by acquiring a number of necessary traits like the following:


Such students are usually high achievers in class, and to excel in academics they need try to be disciplined and focused. If they are not regular and punctual in class, they are most likely to miss out on assignments and tests. These are the factors that constitute the overall grade of the student. Their grade can never be excellent if they fail to submit the coursework on time.

A student aiming to be the class valedictorian will never miss out on submitting their coursework. If they are not able to manage their tough schedule, they will look for another way to make sure they have their assignments complete and of top-notch quality. By taking help from assignment writing service of a reputable academic writing company, the student will deliver their work to the instructor right on time.

A clean record

Students who are used to scoring high at times get depressed if they have achieved less than excellent marks. Sometimes it makes them take drastic steps to attain the highest position in the class. They decide to use unfair means such as cheating in exams that will disqualify the student from such an honour as valedictorian. Since a valedictorian is supposed to be a role model, this position will go to the student who uses fair means to achieve success.

Being a role model and someone, the juniors look up to, students in the running for valedictorian should keep away from drugs, smoking, and be prudent in all their affairs. Smoking and all such bad habits are detrimental to a focused student’s future. In fact, the student should campaign and lead their class fellows against all such bad habits.

Well-known in school

A student striving to become the class valedictorian should make their presence, heard and felt. They can do this by having a good relationship with their teachers and forming a strong bond with their classmates. That student has a convincing personality that fascinates other students.
Being a high achiever, teachers always expect that student to be a helping hand to other students. Teachers appreciate these high achievers for their willingness to help and a compassionate friendly nature – all of which are traits you would expect to see in a class valedictorian.

Extracurricular activities

These students always take part in extracurricular activities as sports keep students active and give them a chance to be liked by others by proving their skills. It is especially important to take part in debates and declamation contests too, because this makes them a good speaker and a good leader.