How to Study For IELTS Writing Task 1?

IELTS Writing Task 1

How to study IELTS written assignment IELTS – IELTS Academy requires recognition of questions in one hour. The task of writing IELTS 1 is an amazing exercise. Because it contains information about charts or graphs as visual. Here are some ways explained by best overseas education consultants to deal with and how to study for IELTS writing task 1?

So, if you overload the basic conditions 1 while performing task 1, you can use it again at any time. In this article, we will discuss how to learn the IELTS 1 written assignment. Also, take a look at the descriptive questions, scoring, and some resources.

How to Prepare IELTS Writing Task 1?

The key to approaching the IELTS test is to give the examinee exactly what they are required to do. The IELTS 1 written test is a catalog that contains some graphs, charts, maps, and charts. Furthermore, it requires a summary of 3-4 paragraphs with a minimum of 150 words for each specific process. Candidates are recommended to complete the assignment in 20 minutes. This task is tested to see the student’s ability to respond to the information provided and to describe the information.

Basics of writing IELTS task 1

The assignments that candidates can submit to their supervisor contain information in the form of a report. The boss needs information on similar facts about which the company’s database is based. Candidates will be evaluated based on their results in letter requesting information or comments about the information. This means that the candidate must complete the written task 1 visually. And you should only summarize what you see in the form of paragraphs.

The IELTS 1 writing task is a “task achievement” that candidates must write and complete in order to score better. This task is the main task of all four and the applicant must score high for the best result. This task determines the student’s ability to write credible and accurate content.


Meanwhile, when you first look at them, the IELTS visual test is often difficult. Basically, you don’t judge by indicators to analyze graphs and charts. Thus, there is no need to worry about trying heavy calculations for a good score in task 1. This task only measures your English language skills and speed. The purpose is to report the collective information that the candidates observe and represent. That’s all.

IELTS Writing Task Questions 1

The following is a list of IELTS written test questions tested one by one below. By arranging answers to sample questions, it will be very helpful for applicants to learn about them carefully. In other words, look at the example we mentioned below to succeed in the exam.

Present a visual image

Visual presentation is a very important task for applicants to test their grammar and vocabulary. Basically, all you have to do is explain the perceptions by paragraphs that include a visual (chart, graph, or map).

Summarize the visuals

In this paragraph, you must enter information by selecting the data and reporting the main features. By avoiding the details given in the paragraph, it will help you to show your response to the important visual content. In other words, don’t confuse the conclusions you write with numbers and figures, but save them for the next section.

Emphasize key features

Now, the basic information you present in the conclusion is given for the next part. That is, you report the information; mention it in the last paragraph. You need to explain all the information you have seen before. It may be that the time has come, it is impossible to write. Therefore, you should choose to report the information shown directly or from paragraph 2 instead of reporting it directly.

Summarize the sentences

Summary sentences are optional, but they can be very helpful. Including your struggle to count words to get close to at least 150. However, it is not so useful for getting better scores.


Looking for sample questionnaires for the IELTS 1 written assignment can give you information about the summary. And it is good to pay attention to the different questions and read them in several ways to try the test. If you practice to learn and try to write a task, you will gain confidence and speed to write the exam on time. Prepare your IELTS writing task 1 with the help of best IELTS coaching. If you are not willing to switch to Hyderabad, then go for the best IELTS coaching near you.