How to Write Faster: Writing Speed Improvement

In the perfect world, it is important that deadlines would not be the effective thing.  Every individual does not have unlimited time to complete their daily task in the form of report writing, reading responses, and different kinds of writing like short stories and blog posts.

In order to live in a perfect world, it is important for individuals and writers to improve their writing speed and learn what are the strategies they should adopt in order to write well and faster.

Therefore, This mainly includes the skills which help millions of writers, especially those writers who are daytime sensitive and those writers who usually write in interviews and journals in order to meet their deadlines without breaking out the quality of work.

Ways and strategies

The individuals are learning to write effectively and faster by following these streamlines in which they usually manage their time end gather helpful writing tips by which they can meet their deadlines without compromising on the quality.

Following are the different ways and strategies which is mainly adopted by the writers in order to make their work effective and write faster

Considering the streamlining of the writing process.

The streamlining process is the most familiar and common in writing which mainly includes different steps which the writers should go through in order to develop an innovative idea for a published piece. In order to work faster with quality writing the writer should follow these steps which mainly include brainstorming, outlining, editing, writing, and proofreading.

  • Outline

All these steps would slow down the process but by following these steps the work quality would be improve and there are fewer chances of errors and mistakes. The streamline process is mainly use by professional essay writers who can combine these steps and outline their work by featuring a less coherent outline which is fine. This ultimately improves their time with improved quality.

To write faster, type faster.

It is important for writers to train themselves to type faster so that they can save time.  The writers can fling typing games and do typing exercises by which they can increase their capacity to build muscle memory in their fingers.

  • Hunt and Peck method

The writers should also look at the keyboard when they are typing and it is important for them to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard.  Most of the essay writing services in San Fransisco are using Hunt and Peck method by which they can improve their writing speed and become faster typists.


There are reference websites available on the Internet like by which individuals can improve their typing speed they usually have one minute to type and it shows the average percentage of the typing speed of the individual. If any individual could type 90 to 100 words in a minute then it is consider that they are the fastest typist and they should improve their typing by writing 120 words in a minute.

Write what you already have in mind.

It is not important for the individuals to right from the start to the final paragraph.  Individuals can write any statement of any paragraph and there is no rule right according to today’s format.  Before submission, these individuals should format all their work by assembling it. The writers should write from the easiest thing that comes to their mind so that they could maintain the momentum of writing.

  • Need to introduce

The writers should write those parts which they already know about it in order to achieve that they get motivated through it because they have covered that part which they already know.  This would also help the writer to determine what section they have written and in which part they are struggling.  The writer is usually right this porting paragraphs by which they can paraphrase their work and need to introduce them at the opening section by which they can identify their skills of writing.

Just keep going, don’t worry about the errors and mistakes.

One of the difficulties faced by writers is the errors and mistakes they made during writing.  In order to improve they’re writing quality and writing is feed it is important for the writers not to edit their errors and mistakes while writing and this would slow down the process of writing and ultimately distract their brain from the actual task, they are doing.  The writers should first complete the whole task and draft it on the page and before submitting check the error and mistake they have made and correct them on a prompt basis which ultimately saves their time for editing.

Using voice to text can be faster in comparison to typing.

The writers should adopt the voice-to-text method by which they can increase their typing and complete their work on time. It is human nature that people talk faster in comparison with typing so this is the advantage that using the voice to text software ultimately improves the speed of their writing.

On the other hand, it is important for the writers to remember their edits carefully while they are speaking and ultimately correct them later before submitting them because the voice-to-text software usually consists of jarring transitions between the sentences and different paragraphs. The punctuations should also be consider and the writers should edit it from the transcript to the piece of writing before submitting it.

Optimize the workflow.

In order to make their writing quicker, it is important for the writers to optimize their workflow by setting up an effective environment so that they can write quickly which mainly includes the consideration of no distractions.  The writer should also consider sitting with good posture and having the nodes and all the necessary things which is mainly use by them while writing.  If any individual is using a mobile phone to write, then it is important for them two turn off their notifications so that their work would not be interrupt. The writer can use the browser extension like focus or pause when they are using a computer to do their task.


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