Key Differences between Essay and Report Writing

Although there are many similarities between writing an essay and producing a report, it is also necessary to highlight the differences between these two types of text.

Reports Vs Essays

The most obvious difference is that reports present facts, while essays analyze, discuss or evaluate material. A good writer needs to make judgments about the information they are presenting to create their content.

Knowing how to write an essay is more than just gathering information and presenting it. Some techniques can used for writing both types of text, however, essays require much more analysis or evaluation. This is why many students struggle with the coursework aspect of essay writing.

Reports Writing

Reports are often written in chronological order, starting with the introduction and then presenting information as it happened.

Essays Writing

On the other hand, essay writing requires a large amount of pre-thinking about what is going to be included in your piece and how everything will fit together logically.

Essays also require students to use more sophisticated sentence constructions when compared to reports; they must be more specific when it comes to explanations, definitions, and differentiation. Essays are also expected to be written in a third-person voice, with less use of the pronoun ‘I’.

Essay writers must ensure that they have included sufficient background information for their argument. Without this, the ideas expressed in essays will lack foundation. This essential for supporting claims made by writers, adding credibility to their content.

Essays often require students to include criticisms of the ideas presented in their pieces; this should be done in an unbiased manner that gives credit where it is due. When examining statements made by others, essay writers need to show how these statements might be right or wrong.

Conclusion in Essays

The conclusion of an essay focuses on summarizing the main points and then drawing a conclusion that allows the reader to view the topic from a different perspective. This section should not include new ideas, as this would violate one of the key elements for writing an effective essay: avoiding repetition.

What does a report entail?

A report is a formal piece of writing that requires the writer to investigate and analyze information to answer questions or solve problems. Reports can vary in length, from short assignments such as homework exercises to long-term projects such as independent research. Good reports start with an explanation of what you are going to investigate and why it is important, followed by an explanation of how you are going to investigate it. They should include enough detail for others to be able to repeat your work and reach the same conclusions.

How do I write an essay?

An essay has two main purposes: either analyzing or evaluating ideas, past research by other people, and theories. To achieve this, an essay will include a thesis statement towards the beginning of the piece. This is a sentence or two that states your position on this topic and in what way you are going to prove it. The body paragraphs of an essay should discuss topics related to your thesis along with explaining how each point proves or disproves your argument. There are many forums who write your essays. They provide essay writing services.

What skills are needed to write reports and essays?

To be able to write successful reports and essays, you will need to demonstrate the following skills:

Report writing requires efficiency in researching material, choosing relevant facts and information. This includes using sources correctly so that not accused of plagiarism. You also need to use language appropriately, organizing your ideas logically so that the reader has a clear understanding of the information you have included.

Essay writing requires you to analyze different viewpoints on your subject, choosing the most relevant material for supporting your argument. You also need to select the information that is insightful, original, and well-supported by other research. It is important that you critically evaluate literature before using it in your essay to make sure that it is appropriate.

The following table outlines the key differences between report writing and essay writing:

Report Essay

Information Uses research to answer questions or solve problems Includes analysis, evaluation of theories, past research by other people, and ideas

Content Details facts, information Gives background information; uses evidence to support claims; includes criticism of sources

Introduction Explains what you are investigating and why, your position on the topic, how you’re going to investigate it Introduces main ideas; sets out claim or thesis statement

Body Explains research methods, helps the reader to follow investigation Discusses key issues related to the thesis statement; points out connections between ideas; information organized by importance


Conclusion Summarize your findings, answers the questions, or solves the problems outlined in the introduction Returns to the thesis statement; reflects on how well the argument has been proven

Repetition Avoid repetition Use different wording for each paragraph so it does not sound repetitive Example:

On Example 1:

A report should include an explanation of what you are going to investigate and why it is important, followed by an explanation of how you will investigate it. It should include enough detail so others can repeat your work and reach the same conclusion.

On Example 2:

Essay writing requires a thorough investigation of all topics. As well as an ability to analyze different viewpoints on that subject. The writer must choose relevant material for supporting his argument. As well as material that is insightful, original, and well-supported by other research. It is important to critically evaluate literature before using it in an essay.