Online Education vs Traditional Education – Which One Is Better

Online learning and traditional education are now widely discussed because online learning has become such an increased factor over the past few years. With advancements in technology and of course the pandemic it has kept children learning in a time where they wouldn’t have if online learning was not a thing. So which is better though is the traditional method of going to school best for children or does learning online have more benefits.

Below will break it down for you so you can ultimately see which would be better for you, everyone is different and different benefits may suit people more than others based on your current situations. This article is for the students as well as education centers.

Online learning or traditional learning

 Both learning options have both advantages and disadvantages so based on what best suits you will determine which is better. It is said that online learning is more effective because of the ability to learn at your own pace, by watching lessons and videos when you are ready. This is great for children that may not be able to follow the pace of a traditional lesson with the teacher just delivering the lesson. On the other hand, traditional learning gives children a more social aspect that you would not be able to match easily in an online learning session. Again traditional lessons can give your children more one-on- one time with teachers so they have a direct teaching aspect should they be struggling again which isn’t easy to do online unless the teacher is running one to one lessons for those that want them.

Advantages of Online learning

  • You can learn at your own rate
  • You are able to study anywhere you want with no restrictions except internet connections
  • It is very easy to choose a subject or topic
  • You can interact with your teacher easily with social media/SMS
  • You are able to continue studies even in hazardous problems like storms, illness, pandemics and epidemics
  • It saves time on commuting and socialising so more time for studies
  • Direct learning if only necessary things so no unnecessary topics
  • It is more cost effective to learn distanced so it is cheaper to study
  • Teachers can get additional income for online remote teaching

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional learning

  • You are able to stay in physical contact with your teacher or professor, this makes asking questions and getting direct answers much easier
  • You are able to socialise and develop friendships, some of which could last a lifetime
  • You are able to grow your network and also have some competitiveness with other students to be your best
  • Experience life at different junctures through education school, college and university
  • More practical knowledge for example sports and science experiments which can help with increased knowledge
  • You can have a graduation and get a physical degree which can be recognised by job opportunities more


  • Traditional learning is more expensive as teachers teach less students at a time, and you need to pay for costs of upkeep of the building in your tuition.
  • You have to travel to studies meaning potential of additional costs and more risk of accidents while travelling, you can also have to pay charges to stay in accommodation at your place of study
  • There is no flexibility in when you study or when to start studying for a lesson, you must stick to a time and work then

To conclude it would seem on paper that online learning certainly has its advantages over traditional learning but depending on your situation this will vary. If you can find a way of merging the two then that would be the ideal balance.