Reasons To Enroll in Our Working at Heights Training in Brisbane

Why is height training important?

It is hazardous to work at height and often unavoidable. Proper working with heights course program and equipment are necessary to safely work at height. This is not only for the construction industry. One common misconception about work at height is the worker who has been suspended hundreds of feet high, holding a safety harness. However, HS (G 33 Government working at Height Regulation) states that anyone working at an elevated level above the ground is considered to be working at height. We can offer the training you need to help reduce risk and give you greater peace of mind, whether that’s on a ladder or mobile platform.

Workers who aren’t trained at the right level or if they don’t get their training updated regularly have a higher risk of serious injuries that could prove to be life-threatening. We assess the needs of each worker and provide appropriate training. This creates a safer environment for workers, reducing risks and providing greater peace of mind to the building owner.

Who should go?

Anyone who works at heights is eligible to take our training on working in heights. Managers, supervisors, and anyone who is responsible for employees working at height should all take part in the training. Teams will be more efficient and safer if they are aware of the legalities, risks, and benefits associated with working at height.

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What are you going to learn?

Each company is unique and requires a customized training session. However, you can expect to learn the most recent updates to regulations as well as their implications for your business. We will ensure that you are compliant with regulations to reduce the chance of injury. We will also help you to determine the best way to make sure safety is maintained in your future projects. We will also help you and your employees to understand the best way to use PPE for work at heights.

What will you learn?

Our Sheffield headquarters has a state-of-the-art training center. This allows us to offer both classroom and practice training in all types of access equipment. All this in a controlled, safe, and clean environment. This controlled environment allows us to create real-life scenarios using a variety of fall protection equipment. We can tailor our training sessions to meet your needs. This means we will come to you, saving you the effort of arranging transport and accommodation for your employees.

We offer dedicated training in a variety of subjects including:

  • Horizontal fall protection systems
  • Protection systems against vertical falls
  • Rescue from the height
  • Harness, lanyard, and arrester blocks
  • Advanced and basic rooftop safety


Practical instruction will be provided on the course you choose, as well as hands-on experience with the equipment. You’ll also receive the theoretical knowledge that you need. Our work at height experts will be available to answer any questions you may have. The demonstration will be on-site and demonstrate how to use PPE safely on your site. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course, which is valid for three years. We offer refresher classes for work at height if you feel you might need more training.