Sure shot tips to keep yourself motivated during defence exam preparation

Everyone knows that a defence exam is a hard nut to crack. That’s why during the preparation phase, a plethora of candidates lose their hope. Sometimes they feel zero motivation and all they want to do is just give up. However, you must be aware that without motivation, you can’t achieve anything. Being an aspirant, you need to stay motivated to push yourself towards your goals. Choosing the right option for stimulating yourself will help you to crack the defence exam and you will be able to move one step ahead of your target. So in this article, we have jotted down some surefire tips to keep yourself motivated till the very end of the exam. 

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Go through these tips to keep yourself motivated during defence exam preparation: 

Have a specific goal

Having a specific goal will give you courage to keep going and help you tap your true potential. Make sure to define your goals and make a strategy to achieve it. In addition, visualize yourself as a defence officer, doing so will boost your energy and you will get inspiration to work hard to be at that position. Make sure not to lose yourself in dreaming only, rather put your laborious efforts to bring your dreams into reality. This way you will be able to ace the exam in one go. 

Plan and prioritize

Before starting your preparation, make sure to make a proper plan by giving specific time to each subject. Develop endurance, prioritize studies by making it a part of your daily routine and have enough time to revise your topics. Note that having a short break after certain intervals is advisable to eliminate boredom. Because continuous study will make you feel tired and you may lose interest. One can’t achieve their goal without a keen passion. So having a proper schedule is the foremost thing to keep yourself stimulated to work for your goals. 

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Reward yourself

The appropriate way to stay focused and inspired is to set daily targets and reward yourself for completing each target. Reward means to watch your favorite movie, hang out in the garden or have your favorite snacks according to your performance. Doing so will boost your morale, keep you on the right path and give you a little push to do better for the next time. It is obvious that sheer study can be boring. This way you can refresh your mind and learning will become more interesting. In addition, by completing regular tasks, you can identify your weakness and upgrade your performance.

Study with right companions 

Transforming study into social activity will make your learning easy and engrossing. Getting the right study partners will motivate you to do your best and they will keep you on the right track. However, be careful while choosing a study partner because a wrong companion can have a direct impact on your results. This will lead to poor performance. On the other hand, the right study partner will motivate you whenever you feel like giving up. The unambitious friend will correct you for every mistake and help you to upgrade your skills. 

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Take care of your health

Lousy health will only give you sickness, sorrow and drain your energy. On the other hand, good health will keep you active, focused and motivated even to achieve something that may seem impossible. Therefore, make sure to eat healthy and nutritious food such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and other sources of vitamins, protein and fiber. Change your habit of consuming a lot of caffeine and start having healthy beverages such as milk, fresh juices, green tea and herbal tea. Make time for daily workouts and physical activities to improve the flow of blood towards your brain cells. 

In addition, take an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated and proper sleep to stay active for the next day. Motivation comes from a healthy body. Therefore, keeping yourself healthy will influence you to work even harder to achieve success. 


It is a natural phenomenon to lose motivation during preparation of exams due to plenty of reasons. However, it is crucial to regain motivation and to stay positive while preparing for defence exams. So, these are some tips that will help you keep you inspired and focused while preparing for this hard exam.