Top 5 Dot Net Courses Available in the Market

Dot Net is one of the most popular software frameworks in the market that allows developers to create robust web apps mobile apps, desktop apps, and games. However, becoming a Dot Net developer is not easy. One must have adequate knowledge of the Dot Net framework in order to develop robust apps using it. Keeping that in mind today we are going to share with you some of the best Dot Net courses available in the market in which you can enroll yourself to become a proficient Dot Net developer.

C# And Dot Net Course:

If you are someone that has basic knowledge of C#, then this course is for you. Using your existing knowledge, the course will allow you to learn about the Dot Net framework very quickly and easily. In this program you will:

  • Learn to design and develop software using the Dot Net framework.
  • Learn about features of the Dot Net framework.
  • Learn about methods/patterns used by industry experts while developing software using Dot Net.

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Design Patterns in C# And Dot Net:

The Dot Net framework is used for multiple purposes and one of them is the Design Pattern. The main benefit of learning/using design patterns is that it helps in speeding up the development process of software using C# and Dot Net framework. In this course you will learn about 4 different design patterns:

  • Solid Design
  • Creational Design
  • Structural Design
  • Behavioral Design

In this program, you will learn to recognize and use design patterns, refractor code to implement and use design patterns, etc. The program consists of 27 sections, 111 downloadable resources on-demand videos and 23 different coding exercises. You also get a certification after completing the course.

Parallel Programming With C# And Dot Net:

This course is for students that have basic knowledge of C#, Dot Net, and multithreading. The course consists of 9 sections that cover different topics of Parallel Programming.  From basics of Parallel Programming like Task Programming to advanced concepts like Asynchronous Programming, the course covers all the concepts of Parallel Programming in-depth. The course consists of 5.5 hours of video content, 30 downloadable resources, and 1 article. Once you complete the course you also get a certification of competition.

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Dependency Injection in C# And Dot Net With the Autofac Library:

It is other popular course that helps students in understanding and using the benefits of dependency injection. In this course you:

  • Learn to configure the dependency injection containers
  • Use benefits of dependency injection, etc.

The course has 9 sections and features 57 lectures that will help you in learning about dependency injection in detail. Besides this, it has 5.5 hours of video content, 32 downloadable resources, and 1 article. Overall, it is a phenomenal course and is very beneficial for someone who has a good understanding of OOP, C# and is proficient in using Visual Studio IDE.

Building an E-Commerce App With Dot Net Core and Angular:

This course is very popular among students who want to become software developers. In this course, you learn to create a professional-looking e-commerce app using Dot Net and Angular. Besides this, you get to learn about the use and benefits of the unit of work/ specification pattern in Dot Net. The course also covers topics like paging, sorting, and searching. Additionally, you also learn to create user-friendly UI using bootstrap. The course features 23 sections, 300+ lectures, and video content of 34 hours. You will also receive certification after completing this course.


These are some of the best Dot Net courses available in the market so carefully go through all the details of these courses and select a course that fulfills your requirements. You can also enroll in our Dot Net Online Training in India to learn about the Dot Net framework in detail.