8 Amazing Facts You didn’t Know about Biscuits!

Do you love biscuits? Well, who doesn’t? These little crunchies take us back to childhood memories where evenings would mean dunking favorite cookies into a glass of milk. These days, the marketplace is flooded with all sorts of biscuits including those made for kids, parties, health freaks and weight watchers. You can also buy special treats or diabetics.

If you are an ardent fan of homemade or store made cookies, here are some unknown facts to surprise you:

1. Baked Twice

Did you know the term ‘Biscuit’ has been derived from the Latin words ‘Bis’ and ‘Coctus’? Bis means twice and Coctus means baked. As the name suggests, this sweet snack was traditionally baked twice. However, with the passage of time, the tradition changed. The biscuit manufacturers these days cook only once.

2. Food for Sea Voyagers

Biscuits used to be a hot favorite and even a necessity among sea voyagers. It is because these snacks stayed fresh for long. Hence, it became an integral part of a staple diet among sea voyagers.

3. Eating Right Way

Did you know you have been eating biscuits upside down all this time? Well yes! This was a shocking news broke by a very popular brand selling biscuits.

4. Do you Know about Biscuit Spread?

Yes, it exists! This might sound crazy but many brands are now selling tasty biscuit spreads that can be preserved for long and does not cause weight gain.

5. Biscuits aren’t Unhealthy

As touted by most ‘health experts’ and ‘nutritionists’, biscuits aren’t really bad for health. In fact, getting freshly the best bakery Biscuits in Delhi loaded with fiber and nuts can do a lot more good than harm. Have a piece or two with milk or tea in the evening and keep unnecessary cravings at bay. You can choose from a variety of these biscuits such as gluten-free versions, nut loaded, oats, barley, and wheat cookies!

6. The US Cookie Vs. UK Cookie!

Did you know American biscuits are different from UK biscuits? Well, this is definitely a difficult subject to resolve altogether but biscuit aficionados know it all! In case, you love to collect crisp cookies or wish to invite an ardent cookie fan over a cup of tea, it is important to know the difference. This will help you avoid confusion. If you look for a biscuit in the United States, you’ll get a type of ‘quick bread’. This resembles a soft British scone. It is definitely not a crunchy biscuit. These are usually pungent and eaten mainly for breakfast. Although both taste amazing, they are not the same.

7. Biscuits can Help Battle Mood Swings!

Eating a chocolate biscuit can help alleviate your mood. Chocolate contains mood-enhancing elements which increase the levels of happy hormones in the body. So a cookie a day can help you stay happy and in good mood!

8. Biscuits are Not Meant to be Crispy

Although biscuits are loved at their crispier state, but they aren’t necessarily meant to be crispy. Many cookies are loved for their gooey soft texture. They taste like muffins but are quite different. Some biscuits are also meant to be eaten in their softer state!

In a Nutshell

As an ardent biscuit fan, it really helps to know about what goes into your pantry! The above-listed facts will help you fall in love with varied types of cookie formulations around the world! Happy baking, buying, selling, and relishing cookies!