Best 8 Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight Rapidly In 2021

A lot of us have spent most part of 2020 working from home due to the coronavirus. Although it seems great, there is one tiny problem. With a more sedentary lifestyle, we have gained a lot of weight with stubborn belly fat, which is now becoming difficult to get rid of.

Since we went through the same ordeal a few months ago, we followed a simple yet effective diet plan that helped us to get back in shape. What we did was add 30minutes of jogs into our daily routines since being active is essential, but never forget the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of your health is based on your food intake, while the other 20 percent is exercise. So while you take care of the 20%, we have shared with you what to do with the other 80% (often the difficult part for people).

In this article, we have shared with you the best x fat burning foods that helped us shed several pounds. Start incorporating the following foods in your diet and enter 2021 with a ripped body.


We all know that chickpeas are a rich source of protein. They also have immune-boosting properties, which make them the perfect addition to our meal. The best part about them is that they are full of fiber, making you feel full for several hours while triggering your muscle growth. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will shed. So go ahead and add chickpeas to your diet right away!

Fatty fish

Sounds absurd but, fatty fish does help you lose weight fast. Basically, such fish contain omega-3, which is known for triggering the loss of body fat. In fact, there have been studies that showed how fatty fish reduces excessive fat in isolation. Accompany it with exercise, and you will see the results much faster as we did.


A common issue with us is that we never say no to cravings. While we would suggest reducing the portions of your meals, we also encourage you to add kefir to them as this will allow your body to break down food efficiently instead of storing it as fat. For those of you who don’t know, kefir is a type of yogurt. Add it to your meals and let your body work more efficiently to reduce weight.


Although it is not as sweet as mango or watermelon, grapefruit has been known to cut down fat from the body like a pro! They trigger efficient insulin use, which ensures that your blood sugar levels are intact. Furthermore, grapefruit also helps your body in burning calories, but then again, you would have to welcome a more active lifestyle.


Another excellent fruit to cut down weight is bananas. There is a common misconception that bananas increase your weight, but actually, the potassium in this fruit allows your body to regulate fluids, thereby increasing metabolism. The result: your body continues to burn calories even when you are in a resting state.

Olive oil

Want to reduce weight? How about using olive oil instead of regular oil or butter to cook. Olive oil contains omega-3, which allows your gut to work efficiently. In other words, it will allow your metabolism to pace up and therefore won’t store fat.

Green tea

Another common name when it comes to cutting down fats. Green tea is full of antioxidants that not only detoxify your body from chemicals (that encourage fat storage) but also boost your metabolism. The effects of green tea are amplified if it is used with a healthy food intake and an active lifestyle. It is something we can reassure from our personal experience. A piece of advice: don’t use processed sugars in green tea. If you crave sweets, a tbsp. of honey will do!


Yet another excellent way to trigger fat loss is by consuming eggs. Had boiled eggs, in particular, have been known to become a perfect source of protein while increasing metabolism. In addition, consuming hard-boiled eggs in the morning accounts for a protein-rich breakfast, which allows the body to shed that stubborn belly fat we hate so much! So add eggs to your everyday diet.

Putting It All Together

From our research and personal experience, we came to the conclusion that there is no magic wand to reduce weight in a day. You cannot cut down fat or expect to do it just by drinking green tea. It is a combined effort, with a little bit of activity and overall healthy food consumption.

No one is stopping you from going to the candies chocolate store (try Sevananda by the way. They have nutritious organic granola bars that are just yum!). Just keep the quantity and frequency to a minimum.

A rule of thumb: avoid junk and fast food. Eat fresh produce and organic items as much as you can, and add a little bit of activity to your day. You will start feeling the difference within a week!