5 Best Gamification Plugins to Boost Blog Engagement in 2021

Gamification means adding gaming components to your website to make it more appealing and interactive to all those who visit your site. Gamification helps you to understand the demographics of your customers. Moreover, it also allows you to gain a better knowledge of customer objectives and inclinations.

Believe me or not, it turns everyday tasks into quite exciting activities. Have you ever give it a thought that how complex it is to gamify your website? There are various plugins available on the internet, which makes your job quite easy as these plugins make the process of adding a gaming element to the website. Moreover, it helps to increase the engagement of the site. In this article, ghostwriting services have discussed some of the plugins, which can assist you in adding the gaming element to your website.

Five Best Gamification Plugins:
Visual Effects and Animation Kit for Elementor:

The aesthetics of your website are quite important. So Visual Effects and Animation Kit plugins are the versatile answer. The reason is that this gamification plugin helps to zing up the aesthetics of your:

  • Blog.
  • Online Portfolio.
  • Business Website.
  • Article.
  • eCommerce Project.

This gamification plugin includes a set of six handy modules:

  • The Mouse Helper.
  • Image Effects.
  • Image Mask.
  • Dynamic Background.
  • Background Text.
  • BACKGROUND Slides.

With the help of the dynamic background, you can easily add stunning and magnificent custom layouts to any particular area or section of your website. Besides this, with the help of Background Text modules, you can add animated background text lines without any hassle. These animated background text lines to any particle row of your site.

Moreover, this gamification plugin can also enhance your website background through Fully customized slides, which will feature:

  • Custom easing effect.
  • Slides effect.
  • Direction.
  • Control how the effect will be applied to each slide.
The GamiPress Plug-in:

This plugin is a high competence gamification plugin. This plugin allows you to include various gamification sectors on the desired laces of your website. So to make the website quite more interactive and engaging for the visitors.

Besides these, you can also add several awards and badges to the additional enhancement of the impact of gamification. In addition, it offers a personalized and customized experience to each visitor. This gamification plugin interface is easy, and its intuitive steps allow the user to gamify their website in a couple of minutes.

The USP of this plugin is:
  • Several Extension.
  • Sophisticated Features.

This USP takes the fun to another level. Accompanied by all the general options, you would also get to select high-end provision:

  • The assignment of the point system to your visitors.
  • Creating achievements or ranks types established on time spent by the user.

Likewise, at times this can greatly be used to increase the CTR and stay period. You can also explain rank prerequisites so that player can make their personalized goal. There are some of the achievement steps that you have to consider to achieve your goals. Besides these, there are functions through which you can manipulate to make time-bound specifications so that people spend more time on your website completing objectives. Users may also utilize the plugin to add Widgets and Live shortcodes to their websites, as well as drag-and-drop functionality.


This plugin includes several premium features and tools that allow you to build a flexible gaming ecosystem with extensive achievement stats such as points and logs.

You can manage user points/logs more easily with the auto management settings. Furthermore, there is a unique feature that allows users to examine the points they have earned in the safe environment of the dedicated log.

It also contains a detailed log history that includes points added and removed to help customers better understand their performance criteria and gaps. They can also keep track of their ranks, stats, accountability badges, and other information to help them develop their abilities and work on their weaknesses.

Its seamless connection with another plugin enhances its overall appeal. It works with:

  • Woo-commerce.
  • Contact form 7.
  • BuddyPress and other plugins.

A specialized feature section enables the completion of numerous tasks such as store purchases, comments, etc. This function is accessible from the admin area.

It also has tools that allow you to quickly commercialize gamification by allowing visitors to utilize their points to get discounts, which can help you improve your sales. Furthermore, features like:

  • Community leader boar.
  • Website monetization.

These features let you directly profit from gamification while also motivating your users to become social media ambassadors by increasing social engagements.


By creating achievement-based badges, this plugin helps you enhance engagement and create a more dynamic environment for you, your guests.

Its feature-rich gamification system allows your audience to show off their greatest talents, outperform their peers, and earn badges for completing steps or reaching goals.

There are a variety of evaluation options available to determine levels and information on how to advance through the ranks by completing various requirements.

This robust plugin comes with a slew of advanced features, including submission reviews, auto-approval, and point criteria. The best part is that practically all of the features are very configurable, and there are no restrictions on the types of achievements you can define. The badges can also be shared across social media outlets by the audience.


This plugin adds a virtual credit system to your site, increasing the incentive-based appeal of your site to attract more users and encourage them to connect on a deeper level.

You can generate virtual currencies and charge them to your users for different actions. You can also charge real money for virtual gaming currencies to turn your digital platforms into pay-to-play platforms.

To increase its attractiveness, the plugin can be effortlessly connected with a variety of other plugins. Users can acquire certain levels based on their points, which helps to reaffirm their sense of accomplishment and fosters personal bonding. There are smooth integration facilities put in to enable for:

  • Konnichiwa.
  • Watu Pro.
  • Namaste LMS
  • WooCommerce integrations.

You may use gamification to incorporate gaming elements into your website. You may quickly improve your brand’s reputation by selecting the appropriate tool. We discussed some trustworthy gamification plugins for your website in this blog. You can thoroughly examine the profile. To make the best decision, compare the prices and reviews of each plugin.