The 20 Best IO Games to Waste Your Time

IO Games have grown in popularity with the debut of on April 28th, 2015, thanks to their accessibility and extensive exposure through Let’s Play videos. The best IO Games have grown to become some of the most popular time killers on the internet over the last half-decade. Some are centered on zombies, while others include battle machines. Some lag horribly, while others work nicely and reach out to mobile devices.

The finest IO Games have brought bored internet users together in ways never seen before, far distant from the golden days of flash gaming. Many of the games are curiously enamoring, despite the fact that they lack substance and are unlikely to be played for long periods of time.

Tanner Fox’s October 21st, 2021 update: The approachability of the top IO Games is a thing of beauty; whereas many modern free-to-play games try to copy trends, most of these web games simplify multiplayer gaming down to its most basic parts.

Anyone can play these games, from’s barebones blob-eats-blob action to’s simple strategy, without worrying about overcoming a learning curve. These 20 titles are perfect for short sessions and can add a little curiosity to anyone’s day. may appeal to fans of flight simulators or vehicular combat games. Players pilot small, maneuverable planes and use a range of collectible armaments to take down their opponents., unlike many other IO Games, allows players to climb to the top of the scoreboard without ever fighting. Players must gather tokens strewn over the sky, each of which adds ten points to their overall score., despite its simplicity, caters to a variety of playstyles and has enough depth to keep browser-based gamers coming back for more. is a large online multiplayer game in which players take on the role of fish and try to eat their opponents while staying alive. It has a style that is comparable to and

Gamers will need to consume smaller fish in order to become stronger and live, and then hunt out other players in order to take control of the lobby. It’s simply a minor change from the standard formula, but even minor modifications can help keep things fresh.

Gats is a simple multiplayer top-down shooter.

io is similar to what Call of Duty multiplayer would be like if players could only see the mini-map—and it’s a lot more fun than it appears.

Players can choose from a variety of weaponry and compete in team deathmatch, free for all, or domination modes. While the game is simple, there is enough here to pique the interest of casual gamers, and the multiplayer components foster friendship and tactical thinking. is a fascinating game in which players take on the role of an actual black hole attempting to absorb everything in its path. To complete the game’s aim of becoming an all-encompassing void, players must swallow vehicles, trees, and, of course, other players. Those who have played Donut County will feel right at home here. is without a doubt one of the most captivating–and all-around best–.io games available online. The game, which takes place in a completely 3D world, offers a more subtle twist on the paradigm of big-thing-eat-small-thing. is a survival and hunting game. Players choose what kind of creature they wish to play as and begin the game as a member of the lowest rung of the food chain, gradually foraging for food and growing stronger in order to take on the server’s most powerful enemies. To avoid being devoured, players must avoid the other players who are shown in red.

Players’ creatures will gradually grow larger as they keep them alive and attempt to collect and discover all of the game’s many monsters. is a multiplayer battle royale game. Players fight from the top down and can work together in pairs to battle it out on the field. They can also scavenge for things and weapons while doing so. Shotguns and SMGS are among the various weapons available in the game.

They have long-range snipers and assault rifles, as well as a variety of melee weapons. While it may not be as well-known as other battle royale games such as Fortnite, it still has a large following and is available on a variety of devices. is a unique tool that allows several users to cooperate on an art creation, even if it isn’t a game in the literal meaning of the word. In, which is essentially a multi-user version of Mario Paint, is a fantastic tool that lets creatives to collaborate with pals in a relaxed setting.

It’s not a replacement for tools like Photoshop, but it’s a wonderful way for artists to pass the time, and collaborating with people from all over the world is a lot of fun. is a game similar to, but using a fidget spinner. Players can slam into and remove other players by collecting dots, which increases the speed of the fidget spinner. Whirlpools can be used to hurl a spinner at another player or to flee when another player is closing in on you.

It’s undeniably entertaining and addictive, yet it’s no secret that the fidget spinner craze died out in 2017. Nonetheless, is a fun alternative to the tried-and-true is one of the more games out there, and it’s all about building a paper empire. The goal of each player is to cover as much of the playable space as possible while avoiding colliding with other players by rushing into their unfinished areas.

Players can actually eliminate themselves if they run into their own paper trails, similar to the classic game Snake. Although the round can be completed in a couple of seconds, the game’s art style is quite attractive to the eye. is one of the few fully games, and it’s remarkably detailed, with a level of depth uncommon in games of this type. Each bot has different types and upgrades, allowing for a wide range of playstyles.

This game may not be the greatest choice for newbies games because it is complex enough to require a tutorial., on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for individuals wishing to progress from other extremely easy browser games. is a variation of and one of the games with these gameplay features. It’s all about claiming as much area as you can. Players must establish their imprint on the playspace by stealing territory from other players while avoiding being boxed out by their opponents.

Players can only gain progress in pre-defined hexagonal regions in, which adds a little spice to the game. In comparison to, the game allows much more movement., on the other hand, does not invent the wheel.

Brutal is a neon-drenched, fast-paced, and ruthlessly difficult game.

io will either keep fans returning for more or compel them to continually rage quit. The goal of game is to eliminate other players by swinging or hurling their tail’s barbed end at them. is simple to learn but difficult to master, thanks to its shockingly simple controls. In any case, participants continue to respawn in order to demonstrate that they are better at this game than everyone else in the lobby.

Instead of increasing players’ size, improves on the basic formula by giving them weapons. Each elimination awards points and increases the length of a player’s sword by a little amount. Longer weaponry provide significant benefits, but unwary players may be knocked out by cunning opponents who are waiting for the right moment to attack. appeals to anyone who appreciates aquatic adventures with its attractive façade and frightening inside. Players can choose from a variety of fish species, each with its own set of advantages. As a clownfish, for example, players can hide in anemones without taking damage.

At key stages throughout the game, players can switch their fish, with some species capable of plunging to the deepest depths of the playing area. is another of a handful of remarkably apps, offering a more robust version of the regular Feeding Frenzy gaming arrangement., like, features gamers competing for supremacy with a variety of combat weaponry. The distinction is that, like with, size is a big factor here. A player’s level determines their size, which allows them to use frightening skins and weapons with greater range.

In, survival is a combination of luck and skill, as players must know when to pounce and when to hide. Combat, on the other hand, can be a bit of a dice throw, with many frustrating fatalities. is ideal for gamers who can spend hours playing Don’t Starve or Minecraft. For as long as possible, establish a base and maintain a gold horde secure from zombies.

Players maintain their gold from the previous round when they respawn, which is a wonderful feature. Fans of can also form alliances with other players, which, as player knows, makes everything better. is game in which players take control of colored blobs and try to slash each other in two with their horns. While is comparable to many other games, it is far more fast-paced and competitive.

A typical match lasts around 10 seconds, and to win, a player must be willing to take risks. Despite its simplicity, this browser game has a sense of urgency that will have players ready to revive after each defeat., like, is a very simple and intuitive game with a lovely look. Players slither around as snakes—or worms, for those who want to be technical—eating colorful light balls.

Everything edible aids the young snake’s growth, much like the original Snake game, and there’s a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

This is certainly one of the games, despite being one of the older titles. Players start as a tank and gain points by destroying objects or other players. These points can then be utilized to enhance the tank during the round. Tanks may also be leveled up, allowing players to choose from a number of body styles and vehicles. This contains blasters with two barrels, machine guns with three barrels, a sniper model, and more.

As if that wasn’t enough, has a slew of new options for gamers to explore. Don’t feel like playing alone? A 50/50 option is available. Do you want to play in a group setting? There’s a team mode in which red and blue battle it out for three of the four turrets. Do you have a desire for power? Mothership mode is the way to go., that started it all, is still the experience. At this point, it’s a rite of passage, and gamers might easily spend two hours attempting in vain to climb the leaderboard.

Players should stick to either targeting non-player circles or potentially going after newly created players when they first start out. Players can divide themselves in half as many times as they choose once they’ve grown large enough to pursue others or flee.