What Were The Largest Pot-limit Omaha Pots In History?

Pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is a poker game variant that is becoming popular day after day. The game’s popularity is increasing on a regular basis courtesy of the exciting pot limits and the high action potential that the game holds. Today we will take a look at some of the largest Pot-limit Omaha Pots ever played in history.

Largest Pot: Antonius vs Blom ($1.3 Million)

The largest pot took place between Antonius and Blom with a winning amount of $1,356,947. No doubt, Antonius has won the stupendous amount as a 54.63% favorite!

Both have Antonius and Blom faced each other several times each other and are regular players of full tilt poker game. Actually, the game commenced with the starting hand of Viktor Blom opening to $3,000 and proceeded with Antonius’ three-betting to $9,000, Blom four-betting to $27,000, and then Antonius making it $81,000. Blom called.

By watching a flop of 5c4s2h, Antonius bet $91,000 with $162,000 already in the pot. Blom re-raised to $435,000, and Antonius re-potted to $773,000. At this moment, Blom put all his remaining stack in the game worth $162,473, resulting in a massive $1,356,946 pot. The 5h on the turn and 9c on the river declared Antonius the game-winner. Antonius scooped the game and was the winner of the world’s largest online pot game ever.

Second Largest Pot: Blom Vs. Ivey ($1.1 Million)

After losing that massive pot against Antonius, Blom managed to recover himself within two days and successfully secured the win in a seven-figure pot against Ivey.

The hand started with Ivey opening to $3,000, Blom three-betting to $9,000, and Ivey re-potting to $27,000. Blom called Ivey’s bet. The flop was JcKcJd, and Ivey then bet $41,000 into the $54,000 already within the pot after the 10d turn. Blom raised to $177,000, which Ivey called.

When the 5d river came, Blom bet $408,000, which was pushing Ivey to call off his remaining $359,977 stack. Blom dangled a full house and seized the pot of $1,127,955.

Third Largest: Antonius vs Blom ($800K)

Once again, Blom faced a defeat for the third time in the largest online poker game pot in history. The tournament took place on the same day when Antonius won the largest pot.

Blom went ahead in the game by elevating to $3,000, which Antonius called. With 5h7hQc on the flop, the Finnish player check-raised to $21,000, and Blom called. He then bet $48,000 with Ad on the turn. Blom responded by raising to $192,000, but Antonius fought back for $416,479, which Blom called.

Blom adhered AsKsQd10h against his Finnish opponent’s AhQc9s6h. Till the time Antonius found an 8d river, both players were bound for a split pot. Antonius took back home $878,959.

Again on the same day, the fourth and fifth tournaments of the largest online pot-limit Omaha took place. Blom and Ivey took active participation in the fourth and fifth largest online game pots. Ivey triumphed the first one with a whopping $832,940, whereas Blom won the second with an amazing amount of $827,960.