5 Garage Alternatives You Can Build in Your Backyard

Sure, we would all love to have a garage and an 800 m2 property. Unfortunately, most people will have to look for alternatives for a garage. Whether it be because of property space or budget issues, one thing is for certain, there are plenty of good alternatives for garages that can be a suitable replacement for stationing your vehicle and other belongings. Let’s list a few.

  1. Sheds

A shed is usually the first alternative people think of when wanting to build something that isn’t a garage and for a good reason. A shed has great storing capabilities, is inexpensive, and overall a solid choice. The downside is that sheds aren’t large enough to store most cars. It is a good alternative for power tools, gardening tools, lawnmowers, bikes, etc.

Modern sheds are primarily made from steel to remain sturdy and increase their longevity. You don’t even need to build a shed yourself, a lot of them are sold already built and delivered to you directly. A shed is generally better for those who don’t have vast swaths of land. It can also serve as an elegant decoration item in your yard, perfect for a garden party.

  1. Awnings

An awning is an attachment on the exterior wall that provides shade, cover, and protection to the people and vehicles stationed below it. Awnings have a big advantage in comparison to others on the list because they are portable. This means that you can always move the awning around to best suit your style (they can even be brought for camping trips!). Naturally, this protects your vehicle from the elements. Whether it’s snowing or too hot, the awning has you covered. It’s easy to set up and use.

Just park your car under it and, unlike a car cover, it can withstand strong winds. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, it can also be completely useless. During thunderstorms, your car will be soaking wet, as it can’t really protect it from all sides. This will lead to problems in the future as rain contains pollutants. Awnings also cannot prevent the accumulation of dust.

  1. Instant Garages for your vehicle

One of the main selling points for instant garages is that they don’t require a building permit (this does vary from country to country and town to town so make sure to do your local laws research beforehand). Instant garages are way cheaper than a normal garage, and as equally easier to set up and maintain, making them an easy-to-maintain investment without the need to pour massive funds into it. Instant garages aren’t as efficient at protecting your car from the elements as the other options are, but they still get the job done.

  1. Carports for your vehicle

A carport is a great replacement for a garage, it’s cheaper, protects your car from the elements quite well during all seasons, and it’s easier to maintain. It can offer great protection against the elements. Rain, snow, and heat are all negligible factors for carports. It is, however, more difficult to set up than the other options we have presented. Nothing too difficult that will get you thinking why did you even buy it in the first place though.

The decision on what kind of carport you want falls upon you. A freestanding carport or one that’s attached to your house? The only downside of a carport is that it still remains open and is thus susceptible to thunderstorms or heavy weather, and remains less durable than an actual garage (which should be obvious).

  1. Telescoping Tents

Telescoping tents are extremely similar to awnings in a lot of factors. The only big difference is that portable telescoping tents are easier to set up. It doesn’t take long at all to set up, and it will provide adequate safety from the usual elements. This is extremely useful when you are traveling or hit with an unexpected storm or rain, it means that you can respond fast to protect your vehicle (and yourself).

There is no hassle with them, you can buy telescoping tents fast, set them up quickly, and for a very cheap comparative price. The downsides are the same with awnings. It remains weaker to the elements than any other option. This is a low-cost, low-protection kind of deal.