5 Reasons To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean


Home Dryers are an essential appliance of homes which are used to dry laundry. And Dryer sourced Fires have become highly common due to many deaths and house destructions. Failure to get the vents cleaned may be a significant cause of this. So, Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Norcross are high in demand. 


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning, an artificial heating and cooling source in homes and commercial spaces. People in Georgia, US prefer using HVAC units to regulate their external temperatures and enjoy environmental comfort. 

These systems suck fresh air from the external environment and provide high-quality heated or cooled indoor air. This system’s ventilation property substitutes and exchanges fresh air that helps eliminate moisture, smoke, bad smells, dust, dirt, contaminants, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants. 


The HVAC ductwork system has three main functions: interconnected to provide high indoor air quality and environmental comfort. The system has nine significant parts: air return, air filter, exhaust vents, ductwork, electric elements, external unit, compressor, coils, and blower. 

Air Return

The air return of the HVAC ductwork unit marks the initial point of the ventilation cycle. The component sucks in the external air, sifts it through the air filter, and then supplies it to the central system. So, cleaning the air returns for dust and debris must be a regular practice. 

Air Filter

The second part of the air return helps in drawing out the air. Regular changing of filters is essential to ensure a long-life of the HVAC unit. 

Exhaust Vents

Exhaust Vents function to expel the exhaust formed during the system’s functioning. So, it is highly recommended to examine the chimney vent once every year and tune it up if required. 


Ductwork works as channels through which heated and cooled air passes. You must get ductworks inspected and cleaned for best functioning by a professional ductwork cleaning service every two years. 

Electric Elements

It is the most complicated part of the system as all problems initiate from here. If you find any issue in your unit, you must immediately check it for a tripped breaker or dead batteries in the thermostat. 

External Unit

The external unit holds the fan, which is the source of airflow. You must keep your system clean of any rubble and foliage blockage as it may be a source of critical issues. 


It is the external unit that transforms the refrigerant from gas to liquid and moves it to the coil. It is the leading cause of system failure, so professional help is required to get out of order. 


It is another part of the HVAC outdoor unit that functions to cool down the air as it moves through the system. An annual check by a pro is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the coils. 


The blower sucks in warm air through the main section of the system. If this component works efficiently, it extends the lifespan of the unit. 


The majority of the dryer sourced fire incidents happen because people are unaware of identifying the alarming signs. Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Prolonged Drying Times

A blocked vent may increase the drying time. So, an unnecessary delay in drying times indicates that professional cleaning is required. 

  • Detection of a Burning Smell

When you use your dryer machine and detect a burning smell, the reason might be lint accumulation in the appliance. So, it’s time to call a specialized cleaning service. 

  • Observance of Dryer Lint in Openings 

If you observe lint around the dryer machine’s opening, it is an indication of blocked ducts. It calls for a thorough cleaning. 

  • The Dryer is Extremely Hot

When the dryer is incapable of exhausting properly, it will become sweltering in a regular cycle. It is also an indication that cleaning should be scheduled. 

  • Diminished Fire Risk  

Lint is flammable, so its buildup in dryer systems can be a severe risk of fire. 

  • Better Drying Times

Cleaned vents mean the laundry is dried quickly without waste of precious time. 

  • Controlled Bills 

A clean dryer is more efficient and uses less energy, which implies lower electricity bills, money-saving, and happiness. 

  • Less Repair Required

A clean dryer unit means no wear and tear, which decreases the need for potential repairs. 

  • Prolonged Life and Efficient Service 

A clean dryer may be less likely to any repairs, which means efficient working and prolonged lifespan. 


Usually, dryer machines are fixed against a wall, which means the vent path is straight and short. In this case, DIY dryer cleaning methods can be used. Users need to uncover the vent lid on the outside of the home, access the inside part, and pull out the fluffy lint. 

On the contrary, if the dryer outlet path is long and complicated, then a professional service will be required. A non-specialist can’t perform such lint removal tasks. An old dryer machine processing clothes with too much lint is likely to have blocked vents. Hence, a periodical cleaning needs to be scheduled to ensure safety from housefires. It is also a professional’s task, as the appliance will need to be partially disassembled to perform the lint cleaning procedure. 

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