5 Tips for Preventing Commercial Carpet Maintenance Mistakes

It is okay to make certain minor mistakes every once in a while. After all, no one is perfect. However, it is best to minimise mistakes as much as you can when it comes to caring for your commercial carpets. The implication of multiple errors can be irreversible damage that affects not only the outlook of your carpet but also the overall lifespan and durability.

A professional carpet cleaner has compiled a list of 5 tips to prevent commercial carpet cleaning errors

  1. Create a maintenance routineOne of the most costly mistakes a lot of commercial carpet owners make is failing to create a good routine for their carpet care. A lot of facilities suffer from the absence of a carpet maintenance routine. You should not wait until the carpet is conspicuously dirty before you clean it up.In fact, you should understand that a lot of carpets today have been designed to conceal debris. Hence, when the carpet begins to look dirty; this means that it has become extremely soiled. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the facility manager to conduct routine carpet cleaning exercise. The process of planning and carrying out the routine must be comprehensive.It is not sufficient to consider only a single aspect such as spot cleaning, deep extraction, or moisture cleaning. All elements that will bring about a finer appearance, better cleaning, and increased lifespan must be considered.
  1. Always consult the manufacturer’s guideIn addition to having a carpet care routine, it is also necessary that your staff are familiar with the manufacturer’s guide. This is an important aspect that is often underrated. The process of designing the cleaning program starts with proper installation and requirements of the carpet in accordance with the manufacturer’s guide.There are several fibres and methods that affect the spot cleaning and maintenance process of carpets. You can violate your carpet’s warranty if your carpet cleaning procedure does not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.This is why it is the duty of expert and experienced carpet cleaners to identify and examine carpet fibre. They have the right knowledge of which cleaning method and the cleaning solution that would be most suitable for the carpet fibre, and at the same time complying with the manufacturer’s requirements so as to preserve the warranty.
  1. Proper spot cleaningIt is good for employees to understand how to spot clean. If done incorrectly, handling a spot that is the size of a dime or quarter can spread into a stain that is a foot long in diameter in the blink of an eye. This is why it is advisable to know which cleaner to use – alkaline or acid? If you are unable to determine which to use, then it is advisable that you first of all test the cleaner in a small area before you apply it to the whole affected region. Also, it is important to treat a spot as soon as possible. Do not yield into the urge to rub it. Rather, make sure you blot it to extract the excess. The consequence of rubbing is that the stain will spread father across the carpet, and you wouldn’t like that.
  1. Use a moderate amount of cleaning solutionThe mindset of “better excess than little” is a mistake made by several people when carrying out their carpet cleaning program. Such a mindset can negatively impact the lifespan and outlook of the carpet. The application of too much cleaning solutions will only worsen re-soiling. In fact, oversaturation can result in odours and mould problems. By implication, the beauty of the carpet would begin to dilapidate due to mould, odour, and re-soiling.
  1. Hire experienced cleanersFinally, it is necessary to introduce a professional carpet cleaning agency as part of the carpet cleaning program. Usually, the machines that are utilised inform the facility manager on which cleaning solution is best to use. However, they don’t usually inform the users on the importance of thoroughly rinsing the solution from the carpet.However, when you hire professionals, they understand that a rinse is important whether the carpet is cleaned via encapsulation, low moisture method, or hot water extraction. If you do not thoroughly remove the cleaning solution or compound, then dirt from shoes will be collected and embedded in the carpet. In order to prevent over-wetting, both the moisture and cleaning solution should be extracted. This mistake typically happens when trying to handle tough stains or high-traffic regions.

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