5 Unknown Facts About Your Dirty Carpets

Carpets are attractive for holding all kinds of dirt, pet hair, dander, urine, mold, bacteria, volatile compounds etc. These can hold dirt up to four times its weight. Carpets come under regular wear and tear. Be it the look, the smell or the health carpets need regular cleaning. The carpets that don’t receive regular professional cleaning end up in a bad state.

Though you may vacuum twice or thrice a week with a brand new vacuum cleaner it will not solve your problem. For instance, you need professional carpet cleaning to remove the dirt and allergens deeply from the carpet. In Macquarie, Carpet Cleaning Blacktown provides professional services you can contact them for deep cleaning purposes.

While you may think carpets are fine by look these surprising facts will shock you!

1. Sandy soil is tearing your carpet!

Studies show that approximately 75 per cent of people have been admitted walking with their outdoor shoes on the carpet. Therefore they get in the outside sandy soil embedding into your carpet. Hence, you will be wondering to see that soil is not cleaned up using your vacuum cleaner. This dirt is usually not visible. Rather it is grinding your carpet or upholstery each time you walk or sit on them.

2. Carpets captivates greasy residues.

The oily residues from your kitchen or your rooms or your pets carry into the carpets which lock in the dirt into the carpet fibers. Given time, this locked dirt changes the color of your carpet and can be compounded. You shall notice the permanent color change with time.

3. Carpets bear more bugs than your toilet seats.

Carpets work great as a flooring option. But the traffic it encounters can be a home to germs and other microorganisms. Moreover, it can be 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seats and can turn carpets into a germ spot. Hiring experts at Carpet Cleaning Blacktown can help with such issues.

4. Forget the five-second rule, look what can it do.

Approximately 90 per cent of the people admitted that they eat dropped food from the carpet.  Forget the five seconds. The carpets looking clean may not be truly clean however they may be the hub of bacteria from weeks to months. The food you are engulfing after five seconds can cause food poisoning resulting in severe health issues. So, get your carpets cleaned professionally from Carpet Cleaning Blacktown if you have kids at home because they are the primary reason for grabbing everything into the mouth.

5. Hiding stains for a long time can form a permanent spot.

As, many people admit that they cover up the stairs, instead of cleaning them up. It takes a few minutes to clean the spilt drink or food. Hiding the stains by moving furniture can cause tears in your expensive carpet. Also, it is not the right solution and treatment that you offer to your carpet. Instead, try working on stains immediately if they are stubborn call a professional for stain removal from the carpets.

Don’t let the carpets be a harbor of germs!

As early as the dirty carpets ruin your health and the air you breathe in, get them cleaned regularly by professionals at least once or twice a year. If you seek interest to get assistance for cleaning your worthy carpets you can call Carpet Cleaning Blacktown for stain-free, clean and safe carpets. It is important to have a looking and smelling carpet at your home to ensure you are free from allergies and avoidable health related problems.