6 Home Upgrades That Increase The Value Of Your Home

Buying a house is a great investment if you increase its resale value while living there. This means you need to explore which upgrades and remodels are worth your time, effort, and money. 

There are tons of ideas when it comes to home improvement. But you should evaluate which upgrade will give you the highest return on investment (ROI). This will ensure you not only enhance your space for you and your family but also for potential buyers in the future. 

Here are some home renovation projects that will help increase your property’s overall value while adding comfort to your life as well. 

1. Kitchen Upgrades

Regardless of what size upgrade you want, kitchen upgrades are a great way to increase the value of your home. You can expect a return anywhere from 53% to 72% on your kitchen remodeling investment, as said by Remodeling Magazine. The recoup depends on the materials you use, the type of renovation you do, and your location. These upgrades include refinishing cabinets, increasing storage spaces, adding seating, or upgrading to high-end appliances.

Note: While upgrading your kitchen, remember to be within your remodeling budget and keep it functional and relevant to your property.

2. Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom upgrades are another way to increase your home value and attract future buyers. Depending on your budget, you can install a new sink, add storage space, or upgrade lighting. You can also add a bathroom to your house, especially if you only got one. Homes with multiple bathrooms are appealing in the real estate market. This will also be convenient for you and your family.

3. Make Full Use of an Unused Space

Many homes come with extra space, such as bonus rooms, basements, and attics. Leaving these untouched spaces means you aren’t making full use of them. By making the most of these spaces, you will increase your living space and make your home more appealing to future buyers. You can transform these unused spaces into a game room, home gym, second living room, guest bedroom, or study.

4. Outdoor Oases

Another way to increase your home’s value is to make your outdoor space more accessible. Patios and decks can recoup around 64% of your investment. If you already have these, you can still spruce up your existing outdoor structures to increase your home’s appeal.

5. Make Your Home Up-to-date

Depending on how old your property is, you can make some home improvements that can bring it up-to-date in terms of building codes. For example, if you have an older home, you can benefit from new electrical wiring, adding new windows, improving HVAC systems, or upgrading your roofing system. These home renovation projects are typically best suited to older homes. They can be pricey, but they are often worth the price as they add value to your property and make it safer for everyone to live in.

6. Smart Garage Door Automation

You can automate your garage door if you own a manual one. This way, you’re not only adding value to the home but also making it more convenient for you to operate. If you are looking for garage door repairs in The Woodlands, TX, feel free to contact Cypress Garage & Gates.