A GUIDE to Present-Day Decorative Paintings

The trend to use decorative paintings for the living room exists since forever. The Bare walls of the room not just look obnoxious but charmless too. Painters have always gained respect in our society. There are varied art forms that adjoin us to our roots.

The hunt for perfect decorative paintings for the living room never stops. We can have an intense understanding of our cultures by way of paintings. For example, the use of warli decorative paintings for the living room signifies unity. The 3d warli painting symbolizes the balance of the universe. Despite the grace paintings bestow, people find them too expensive.

Decorative Wall Painting

Why are Decorative Paintings for Living Room Expensive?

Rare art forms always stay in demand. The uniqueness of the paintings drives people to purchase them. Apart from the quality of the art, the artists devote their creativity and time. With high demand, the supply of the paintings always lags. Besides this, some of the artists in history are no longer alive. The value of their art is outrageously high. Eventually, because of all these reasons, the decorative paintings for the living room are pricey. Moreover, some of the paintings have stipulations as they exhibit status quotient.

There is no scarcity of decorative paintings in the market. The paintings are imitated to be sold at lower prices. In general, the copied art is known as ‘art prints’ but not paintings. Some facsimiles even have great value, particularly with limited editions. Out of numerous e-commerce websites, the decorative paintings for the living room on Wallmantra are exclusive.

Here’s a refined list of decorative paintings for the living room at Wallmantra:-

Krishna Painting

Krishna Arjuna Decorative Paintings for the Living Room

Paintings of spiritual figurines are no longer confined to temples. By displaying them as decorative paintings in the living room, craft an incomparable look. Besides a defined minimalistic appearance, the Krishna Arjuna paintings elucidate purposefulness. Their majestic look inspires the onlookers to follow the path of truth and honesty. Their only decoration on the walls makes the living room poised.

3d Warli Decorative Paintings for Living Room

India has a rich tradition of folk art as there is no limit to creativity. It is a folk art adept by tribal women. It is an uncomplicated art form that engrossed growth in the last decades. The 3d effect in these paintings makes the quality accurate and intact. The introduction of 3d art form revolutionizes the way these paintings appear. Furthermore, the elegant color palette of these paintings looks sober.

River Waterfall Big Size Paintings 

Are you looking for big size paintings online, India that has river and waterfall painted? Water has a strong connection with the inception of money. There is a dearth of fine big size paintings online, India. The painting of the river and waterfall channelizes constructive energy. It is also a foundation of prosperity and good destiny. Hanging the River waterfall decorative paintings in the North-East direction is considered auspicious.

 Radha Krishna Paintings for Living Room

The Living room and bedroom is the perfect positioning for Radha Krishna Paintings. According to some religious beliefs, Radha Krishna Paintings in the house brings love. With the bright color palette of the big size paintings online, India looks pleasurable and polished. Apart from portraying love, these look magnificent and eternal. Furthermore, hanging Radha Krishna painting also increases the synchronization between the couple.

Creative Ganesha Decorative Paintings for Living Room

When it comes to styling, Lord Ganesha Idol is most versatile. It is available in varied sizes, shapes, and forms. An elegant Lord Ganesha painting in the living room defines creativity. The bright colors of the printing enhance the refinement of the living room. Mounting decorative Ganesha paintings in the living room brings wealth and prosperity.

Flowers Big Size Paintings Online, India

Living close to nature has certain paybacks. Adorning big size flower paintings in the living room create an exceptional symphony. It catches one’s attention effortlessly. The grace of flowers makes the space not just lively but amiable as well. In addition, the well-maintained work of art gives meaning to your room. Above and beyond this is said that “Hope blossoms Where Flowers Blooms”.

Durga Mata Big Size Paintings Online, India

Goddess Durga is also called Divine Shakti. She has three eyes that signify Agni, Surya, and Chandra. The deity symbolizes powerful positive energies. Hanging Durga Mata painting in home dissuades negative energies. She is the feminine embodiment of strength and supremacy. Her presence at home signifies determination, wisdom, punishment and much beyond these worldly pleasures.


Embellishing decorative paintings in the living room defines a person’s choice. They tell about the person’s individuality and penchant. The abstract revelation and realization hone the mind and eyes. Ornamenting them in the home defines status and appeals to the eyes. The reward of developing artwork that others approve of inspires the painters.