Best Bathroom Improvement Ideas to Use in House

Behind every successful renovation project is thorough planning. The bathroom is the room that is the last to renovate unless there is an issue with it, which is why the bathroom can completely change the feel of the home and upscale its value. Once you have the layout set, do not change it when the remodeling starts. The most important goal of bathroom remodeling is to improve functionality and design. The following list will help you decide on a bathroom layout that suits your and your family’s needs the most.

Change the bathroom layout

Whether your original bathroom is big, small or something in between, changing the layout can have a major influence on the looks, functionality and comfort when using the bathroom. If you are doing major renovation stay open for layout change, especially if your bathroom is really old and outdated. A new plumbing system can completely change your experience under the shower. You can find the best Plumbing Finance Options in California to switch up with the new plumbing system in your home.

Switch up with the new tiles

Tiles are the most important design factor in any bathroom. No matter your preferred style, the size of the room, the natural lighting source and the need for additional storage space can affect the choice of the size, colour and design of the tiles. Some of the most common types of tiles include ceramic, porcelain tiles in the subway tile or mosaic tile shape.

Install shower with glass doors

A walk-in shower is in style, and it is a great choice for a bathroom of any size. Emphasize the size of the bathroom by installing the same tiles on the shower floors as the tiles in the rest of the bathroom. If you want to further improve the looks of the shower use glass doors with big golden or silver handles. Whether you choose sliding or regular doors, the glass is what elongates the space and gives off a luxurious feel.

Free-standing bathtub

The bathtub is not going out of style, even with all the recommendations to avoid bathing in a tub to preserve water. However, opt for smaller tubs, and the ones that can act as an accent in the bathroom. The free-standing bathtub is a perfect choice to still enjoy baths, and use less water while feeling like a Hollywood star from the golden era.

Add more storage

The need for storage rooms in the bathroom has majorly risen over the years. Before the bathroom served only for the physical needs of the body, whereas now the ritual of body cleanse has come to a completely new level. The main purpose of redesigning the bathroom should be to improve storage, no matter your current need for it. Most of the bathrooms can always benefit from more storage, especially if you plan to introduce more family members in the future.

Use your toilette for additional display space

The design of the bathroom is really important, but in small bathrooms, it is hard to find a spot for decoration. Every big piece can become easily overwhelming and there is simply no space for it. You can use the toilet and add some decoration there. It can even be the design of the toilet itself, or a little art piece above the toilet to add character to the otherwise empty space.

Add more storage and style with vanity

Vanity is a great way to introduce more storage space, improve the design and even transform your bathroom space. Designers from Acqua Bathrooms recommend using a wall-hung vanity for small space as it leaves the floor open and thus the bathroom looks bigger with more storage. For the bigger bathrooms, however, the space will not be majorly affected so don’t be afraid to look into the style and functionality you want to achieve with the bathroom design.

Add a classic medicinal cabinet

A medicinal cabinet is a space that people stopped using for some time but now found a new purpose as many cosmetic bottles and packages can fit there. The styles are many – some cabinets have a mirror to have a double function, whereas the shallow dimension allows the medicinal cabinet to be hung anywhere in the bathroom. Medicinal cabinets look great without taking up much space and providing additional storage.

Install good lightning

With the importance of self-care, and the whole rituals people have built around bathrooms choosing bathroom lighting is an important decision. String lights and room for candles are for the ones that love romantic, dimmed lights, whereas a big bathroom can fit a whole chandelier or a modeling full-size mirror with white lights all around it. There are even lamps with waterproofing that can be installed in the shower to turn on the lights just where you need them.

Use big mirror

No matter the size of your bathroom, consider installing the biggest mirror that your bathroom can fit design-wise. The bigger mirrors can provide the illusion of a larger space for small bathrooms, while the big bathroom that fits a big mirror will definitely improve its usage for both you and your family or guests.

Shower bench for big standing showers

When you have had a busy day, or you have a family member that is tired and older, the shower can sometimes look like another chore. The bathroom nowadays has become a place of rest, soul-mending and a personal spa. So instead of having to stand under the shower, why not sit and let the water wash away the exhaustion and all worries of the day? A shower bench looks stylish and gives off an oriental vibe while making the shower more useful than you ever thought a shower can.

Space-savers for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms have their limits in terms of space, and unless you consider renovating to add more room you need to spend more time designing the space. The functionality can be improved with more storage space – hung a shallow cabinet on the wall, add some wire shelves in the shower, and install open shelves for towels to not lose on the size of the space while still having everything readily available.

The monochrome palette of vibrant details

The colours of the space majorly affect our mood. The place where we are supposed to rest and reset definitely adds to the importance of colour choice. The monochrome palette is the safest choice for the small bathroom, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the design with the details. Combine the contrasting colours, or the colours of the same pallet to help yourself an associate piece with the space.

What will be the changes you will implement? Do you have any other ideas for a bathroom remodeling project?