Dealing With Bees? Get Rid Of Them Without Getting Stung

Having bees anywhere new just jump-start a panic within, especially when you have a bee allergy. Well, allergy or not, you should keep a healthy distance from these pests. So, if you have been hearing the buzzing sound and seeing bees quite a few times per day, then you need to consider calling a bees pest control near me.

But before doing that you can do some reaching of your own to ensure if there is really a beehive around the house.

Look around the house, especially at the garden area considering if you do have a garden or backyard.

You should also check out the inside of your home, as sometimes bees can infest in the attic, basement, or even crawl spaces.

Upon finding a beehive around the house, you should get on with calling the local bees pest control. But if that’s not something you want to want to do from the get-go, w also have some tips for you that will get rid of the problem naturally.

Natural hacks of ridding bees:

Cinnamon Power

Even though they spend all their lives around sweet-smelling things, it’s totally a shock that they don’t like the smell of cinnamon. You must have cinnamon powder or stick your kitchen; it’s time to make good use of them. Just sprinkle some of the powder directly in the hive, don’t wait to watch their reaction. The smell will make them agitated and make them bite anything on sight. If you repeat the step sometimes daily, they will be forced to leave their nest. Feel free to destroy the nest after they are gone, and that’s how you can get rid of bees without calling a bees specialist near me.


Mothballs are the only readymade, overlooked, and legit bee-removal product that you can find on a budget. We bet you never thought of using these for ridding bees, we can’t blame you most of us didn’t also. But now that you know, you need to collect a massive amount of mothballs and then divide some of them into four or more little cotton cloths. Hang these mothballs in cotton cloths around the hive. The smell will drive them crazy and they will be leaving that nest. Destroy it after they left to avoid calling best bees pest control near me in the future.

Smoke Day

If you don’t have any of the above products at home, then just a cloud of smoke will do. All you need to do is gather some dry leaves or easily burnable materials that will create a lot of smoke and then start a fire. Ensure to make the smoke right under the beehive. Scatter from there as soon as possible, a smoke also makes bees very aggressive. Let the smoke cloud float around and after you are sure there are no bees left, throw away the nest.

Calling In the Professional

The last and assured way to get rid of the bees is to give a call to the pest control for bees near me. You need to know the difference between handling a situation and putting your life at risk. Because that exactly what you’ll be doing if you try to handle the situation with a bee allergy. Even if you are not the one who’s suffering from the allergy but a loved one, you are risking their life by prolonging to call an expert for the job. An expert can get it done in a couple of hours, while it might take days or even a week to get any visible result.

Hiring a professional is also handy when you don’t have time to spare for such time-consuming tasks. If you have a full-day job then it is only better to call them for the task. However, we do know some people might choose to differ because of the cost and the use of harmful chemicals. There are so many bee exterminators near me who are not only affordable but also pretty smart to use family-friendly products. All you have to do is search for them near your location and that’ll be it.