How Can Window Films Keep My House And Furniture Safe?

Many of us protect ourselves from sunburn and heat when we are outdoors. However, we often don’t do much to avoid sun damage when we are indoors. Unluckily, most widows don’t offer much protection from the sun’s UV rays. This can potentially harm your health as well as your possessions inside your home. The harms include eye damage, wrinkles on the skin, sunburn, furniture fading, and screen glaring. So, to keep your health, house, and furniture safe from sunlight, you should definitely install window films.

Most people only consider blocking solar heat and glare without realizing they also need protection from the sun’s UV radiation. In fact, about 72% of windows in homes and offices in the United States offer only minimal protection from the heat and UV rays passing through the glass. For this reason, home window tinting in Houston offers window films that keep your room cooler, protect from UV rays, and prevent fading of your furniture.

That said, let’s take a look at the ways window films keep your house and furniture safe without causing any side effects.

Protects wooden furniture and flooring

Exposure to the sun can be one of the biggest factors in wood flooring and furniture deterioration. UV rays fade or darken most wooden furniture over time. However, window films block around 80% of solar heat from entering your house. Thus, keeping your space cool and furniture safe from harmful radiation.

Prevents Furniture fading by blocking UV light

When it comes to furniture deterioration, heat from the sun makes up around 25% of fading. At the same time, harmful UV rays cause 40% damage to your furniture. Regardless of the weather, if your furniture is exposed to UV light, it can lead to fading. This causes your furniture to lose its beauty, which means you have to spend more money on replacing them –more often than you should. This is where window films come in handy. Window tint blocks over 99% of UV light to protect you and your possessions from the sun’s damaging rays.

A better option than curtains

While blinds or curtains can cut down on the sun’s glare, they also block the beautiful view. Curtains are often the answer when it comes to maintaining privacy for your home. However, you might not want to block the beautiful view of your garden, yard, or pool. With home window tinting in Houston, you can now easily keep the glare out of your home while enjoying the beautiful view.

Control temperature swings in your room

Solar control window films reduce heat in the summers and converse heat during the winders. This gives your HVAC system a break, leading to savings on energy bills as well as creating a much more comfortable environment. You can also cut down artificial lighting as window film protects you from heat and UV rays. Simultaneously, it redirects natural light from the sun up to 40 feet deeper in your home.

Final Words

So start preparing your home for the summer today and enjoy the benefits throughout the winter. To learn more about window films, please feel free to visit or call Sun Masters Window Tinting. We are happy to assist you!

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