How Tiles Can Add Value to Your Home

Luxurious home décor doesn’t always require a large investment. Instead, it could be accomplished by targeting major areas of your home. One could begin renovating unkempt and dishevelled areas. Re-tiling or installing stylish tiles at crucial places such as the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, patio, lounge or living room would be a wonderful idea. If you are looking for more decorative tiles which would add value to your home, then Victorian tiles UK would serve their purpose in the most astonishing way. Victorian tiles are also known as Cement tiles, Encaustic tiles, Hydraulic tiles, and Cuban tiles. Encaustic tiles do not only contain intricate printed patterns, but they are quite convenient for use. They are easy to clean. These tiles are best for flooring. Unlike other floor tiles, encaustic tiles do not consist of a particular colour scheme throughout, instead, they include appealing hues all at once. 

How Tiles Can Add Value to Your Home

There are several tips that would help you in adding value to your home via tiles. 

1) Re-tile Your Home

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Examine your entire home. Search for the places and areas whose tiles have brittle edges. Take off the old tiles and bring new tiles with nice design patterns. If you are re-tiling your bathroom then go for oversized tiles which would help in making the place spacious and roomy, rather than small sized tiles which would make the room look crowded. According to your preference choose the right colour scheme of the tiles. For a more deluxe appeal, install different tiles for flooring and different patterned wall tiles. High glossy tiles are best for the walls of the bathroom. They give beautiful reflective glimpses. Add non-slippery and non-porous tiles with nice patterns for flooring. 

Tip: Upgrading your bathroom to high-end styled tiles definitely doubles the value for resale. 

2) Modernizing Kitchen with Tiles 

Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the most vital part of the home. Mostly the main focus of the buyers is the kitchen. Keep in mind to begin from the worn-out and outdated parts of your kitchen, renovate those areas. You can use paints (where necessary). Use the tile area above the countertops of the kitchen. Try to install tiles with lighter and brighter tones in the kitchen, it would give a pleasant look. Mosaic tiles, porcelain, or ceramic tiles with a fresh white, and a vibrant blue would be the best fit. Put small sized lamps on the shiny and reflective tiles to give a magical appearance. 

Tip: You can also add mild colour schemes tiles with an intricate pattern on the walls of your kitchen. Avoid using dark shades as they would bring dull and overcast glimpses. 

3) Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles

Take care of the exterior of your house. According to the survey, which was carried out on reselling houses, people are 70% more willing to increase 15% value of houses with an attractive exterior. Use tiles marble tiles, stone-cold tiles in the garage area. You can add a more natural look with wooden textured tiles on the outskirts of your garden. Wood-look tiles easily get installed. They could be easily maintained, as wood tiles are helpful as they could hold water & moisture. Wood tiles are much durable to spills, dirt and stretches, so they would be the perfect fit for your home.

Tip: Install stone-cold or marble tiles at the exterior of your home. One could put a nice wall hanging, greeting, blessing ( wallpapers), or dream catcher. 

4) Porcelain Tiles Flooring

Porcelain tiles are the easiest way to transform your house into luxurious and valuable ones. They are tremendously attractive tiles, as porcelain tiles are known to give an outright sleek sophisticated look to a place. You can add porcelain flooring tiles to the rest of your rooms. These simplistic tiles with a hint of richness provide a perfect look. Porcelain tiles with higher quality are durable and resistant to scratching, staining, water absorption, chemicals, or any kind of spillover. One could use well-glazed tiles for both the kitchen and bathroom flooring too.  One would not have to worry about the issues of maintenance after installing porcelain tiles.

Tip: Porcelain flooring tiles don’t get faded or dull like other flooring tiles. So, porcelain tiles would be the best and high-quality choice for flooring purposes. 

Final Thoughts

Tiles play a significant role in adding allure to the place. You could easily double the value of your house with the best-patterned tiles which are in perfect harmony with a place. 

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