How to choose the colors of the kitchen cabinets

The best way to choose kitchen cabinets are often a neutral color or a stained wood tone for timeless and versatile results, so you have plenty of color options to consider. When deciding on the colors of your cabinets, you can select:

  • Lighter colors to make a small kitchen more open.
  • Darker colors for traditional or welcoming cuisine.
  • Colors that complement the walls and backsplash to create a subtle design.
  • Colors that stand out in the room to make your cabinets a statement.

With these general color ideas for your kitchen cabinets in mind, a few additional considerations will help guide the color selection process.

1) Think about the style you want for your kitchen

2) Join the existing cabinets

3) Think about the color of your walls

4) Consider lighting

5) Quality beats choice of color

  • Think about the style you want for your kitchen:

The style of cabinet doors and drawers you choose will influence this and other accents in your space.

  • Contemporary: 

If you have a more modern design, white is a popular choice. You can also choose gray or black if you have a larger space or if you don’t mind a darker look. 

  • Industrial: 

Often a subset of contemporary design, the industrial combines wood and metal elements for a sense of ruggedness. Industrial kitchens often have slab doors in dark wood tones, suitable for large spaces.

  • Classic: 

Classic and traditional kitchens often adapt to the color of natural wood, although white is also becoming a common choice as it is more versatile and timeless. Use raised panel kitchen cabinets Illinois in your favorite color to showcase a traditional design.

  • Charming: 

French country style and rustic style kitchens give an attractive appearance to your home. Charming kitchens are a classic design type, so choose white, cream, or light gray colors and cabinets with raised panels to suit the style.

  • Unique: 

Do you want a unique cuisine? Consider using color in the cabinets. Soft tones of blue or green complement the simple cabinet styles of shaker doors and drawers. Slab cabinets can also give your kitchen a unique look, especially with eclectic hardware and accents.

If you want to contrast different colors on the upper and lower furniture, rectify the room with a darker color on the background and use white or a light shade on the upper furniture. A lighter color will draw the eyes upward, making your kitchen look larger and lighter. With two different furniture colors, the type of furniture you choose will be the determining factor for your kitchen style.

  • Join the existing cabinets:

You might already have cabinets in your kitchen with a color you like. If so, you could stain or paint the doors of your new kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts to match them.

  • Think about the color of your walls:

If you plan to keep the walls the same, it is very important to consider their color before installing DIY cabinetry.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a cabinet color that complements the existing wall color palette. The most commonly used complementary color pairs are:

  • Red/green
  • Blue/orange
  • purple/yellow
  • Consider lighting:

In kitchens, lighting is usually directed towards the work area. This could mean track lighting pointing toward counters or island lights hanging toward the center of the room. When choosing the color of the countertop, think about the shade of your cabinets, think about where you want to catch the eye.

The eye will naturally look in the direction of the light, but by contrasting the color of your furniture with the color of the countertop, you may be able to bring the focus upwards. It all depends on the effect you prefer.

  • Quality beats choice of color:

Remember that the quality of the materials you choose is of vital importance far more than the color you decide to paint or stain the exterior. It is also more important that your cabinets are functioning well.

Invest in organizational systems to utilize dead space. Install lighting under the cabinet to illuminate the room. There are many ways your cabinets can improve your life, and it has nothing to do with color.

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Deciding on the color of the kitchen cabinets is one of the main choices you will be faced with when renovating your kitchen. To realize your vision of space, it is essential to consider every detail from all angles. The color of the cabinet will affect the atmosphere of the room and determine how the other pieces in the design fit together. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you see all of your options, from stains to shades of paint.