How To Prepare Your Guest Bedroom For Christmas

Christmas is the most festive event of the year. We wait all year round to set up the Christmas tree with ornaments and garlands. It is the time to share the love and joy with others to feel the true spirit of Christmas.

It is not just a time to stock up on the gifts to put in the stockings or prepare ahead for the delectable pies for the dinner table but also preparing your home for the guests about to arrive.

Your friends and family will join you soon for the festivities, so you have to pay special attention to preparing your guest bedroom. It should be as welcoming as the rest of your home. In this article, we are sharing with you quick and easy ways to ready your guest bedroom for Christmas.

Make Lists

Before you head out for your next shopping trip, survey your guest bedroom for anything that you need to replace or is missing. Planning will give you a head start. It will reduce the stress of going to the mall or retail store now and again because you forgot to buy necessary items during the previous trip.

Think about providing all the necessities to your guests and then some luxurious items too. Make your guests’ stay at your place pleasant and memorable.

Guest Supplies

This bullet is not only limited to Christmas but any occasion when you are expecting guests at your place. Stock up the guest bedroom with essential supplies for the guests. Put the toiletries, stash of toilet paper, disposable toothbrushes, and fresheners in the bathroom adjacent to the guest bedroom. It will reduce the embarrassment caused when each time the guests ask for something vital.

Christmas Bedding

When we enter a room, the first thing that grabs our attention is the bed. It is strategically placed in the center of the room and becomes the focal point instantly. It is crucial to pick out the best bed sheets while you prepare the guest bedroom for Christmas.

Select bedding with a higher thread count as it feels smooth and luxurious to touch. Neatly assemble a set of pillows and cushions against the headboard. Don’t forget to spread the quilt neatly on top of the bedspread.

If you have a couch in the room, you can put a throw over the back and arm, and it will give the room a warm winter feel.

Dust and De-clutter

Pay attention to fine detail like deep cleaning the room beforehand. Check the hidden areas like behind the curtains and couch, underneath the bed, and below the vanity counter. Remove any cobwebs or unpleasant visionaries from the room. Check the closet and make sure it is empty for the guests to put their stuff inside. Your guests will also put their suitcases in the closet, also keep this in mind.

De-clutter the room as you go around, picking up old magazines and wasted potpourri. Removing clutter from the premises will increase the good vibes one gets since setting foot in the room.

Every Scent Matters

When you prepare your guest bedroom, keep in mind that you should put something in there to make it smell better. Pick up some scented candles from the convenience store and align them along the wall of the bathtub for an additional effect. You can make your Christmas guests feel extra special by paying attention to minute details. The scents associated with Christmas are orange, vanilla, cinnamon, and lavender. You can include pine or fir tree fragrances. They take you back to grandma’s home.


A few changes here and there will leave a long-lasting impact on your Christmas guests. There is no need to overspend on the Christmas shopping or feel overwhelmed with the whole act of setting up your guest bedroom for the guests bound to arrive. Just focus on making the Christmas guests feel welcomed, and everything else will fall in place.