Keep your carpets clean and hygienic- Do’s and don’ts

Have you ever arranged a night party for your friends and end up facing numerous food spills on your carpets? No matter how much you try but dirt, dust, and stains are sure to come on your carpets. May it be your pets, kids or accidental spills- all of them would leave their marks on your bright and shiny carpets. Regular foot traffic, insects, and bacteria are also the reasons of carpet stains and infections.

So, it is very important to call for carpet cleaning Scarborough and maintain a hygienic atmosphere for your family. More than just cleaning, you need to take care of some do’s and don’ts to ensure the cleanliness and overall hygiene of your carpets.

Why is it important to clean the carpets regularly?

Carpet cleaning is necessary to maintain the overall health of your family. The dirt, dust, and food spills trapped in the carpet fibers can become infectious and spread various diseases among your family members and pets. Moreover, they can call for numerous insects and pests to find hiding shelters in your carpets.

The pest infestations developed in your carpets can be very harmful and can cause allergic diseases in your family. So, opt for regular carpet cleaning Scarborough to maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere in your home. Other than just regular cleaning, you need to remember some do’s and don’ts while handling your carpets. They are-

Do’s to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your carpets-

1)     Use a vacuum daily- Vacuuming your carpets daily is the best method to avoid any dust accumulation and pest infestations. Vacuuming ensures that there are no growing infections in the bottom layers of the carpet. Moreover, you can also put long time-gaps between the deep carpet cleaning sessions by using a vacuum daily. However, don’t think vacuum as the only e method to clean your carpet as deep cleaning is not possible even with regular cleaning.

2)     Use doormats in your house- Laying out doormats in your home can reduce the amount of dirt entering in your carpets. Your carpets would have to handle lesser dirt and dust while bearing the foot traffic. So, use these dirt-filtering doormats at the entryways of your home to lessen the amount of dirt trapped in your shoes’ soles.

3)     Opt for professional carpet cleaning- Professional carpet cleaners use specific cleaning methods and tools to pull out the dirt, dust, and pest infections from your carpets. They know how to clean the spots and stains effectively without damaging the carpet. So, call for carpet cleaning Scarborough after every few years of regular use.

Don’ts to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your carpets-

1)     Ignoring the dust and stains- Carpet stains are sure to happen. You might think to ignore or cover the stains with some furniture items placed over them. But these stains can become infectious and spread diseases after sometime. So, do not ignore them. Instead, opt for professional cleaning and get rid of those stains.

2)     Trying unreliable DIY cleaning methods- Of course, you can try different DIY methods for cleaning the carpets. But some synthetic cleaning solutions available in market can make the situation even worse. Also, every cleaning method is not suitable for all types of carpets so, depending on do it yourself cleaning method is not a good option. Moreover, they can ruin the carpet fibers and can be harmful for kids and pets. So, leave the idea of DIY methods and call for Carpet Cleaning in Scarborough after every few years of regular use.

3)     Using too much water to clean- Water is essential to remove dirt and dust from carpets. But using too much water can flatten the carpet fibers. Too much water also takes more than enough time for drying. An all-time moist carpet would attract even more dust and pests.


Carpets add a rich and royal feel to your home. But dirty carpets look clumsy and can spread various diseases in your family. So, it is necessary to call for professional carpet cleaning to get rid of infectious germs and pest infestations. Apart from cleaning, remember the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts also. All of the above tips would ensure a clean and hygienic environment in your home.