Light or Dark Kitchen? What is Better?

Having a light or dark kitchen is, in fact, a very personal decision and it will make sense, especially for those who are undergoing renovations, works or changes in the decoration of the house.

However, to say which one is better, we need to compare one situation with the other and thus find a balance point to make a decision that is a little more informed.

In this article, you’ll get some great ideas to help you choose between a light or dark kitchen. So, keep reading, see photos and get inspired by the tips!

Light or Dark Cooking – Which is Better?

To choose between a light or dark kitchen, you need to consider several aspects related to your personal taste, combination with other environments in the house and also the style of decoration you want to adopt.

For example, a contemporary kitchen must always be up to date with the current moment of decor. A rustic and classic kitchen, on the other hand, does not necessarily connect with almost annual changes.

And with respect to colors, the same happens: we need to choose the one that will do us good, so that we can feel good. See a comparison about light or dark cooking:

  • The dark kitchen will be a more closed environment;
    The white kitchen will be a larger space;
    Few colors will contrast in the dark kitchen;
    The white kitchen will give more emphasis to other pieces;
    The dark kitchen makes dirt less apparent;
    The white kitchen may look dirtier;

Want to get more ideas about this comparison? So, keep reading. Below, we’ll explore some other ideas on the subject so you can choose the light or dark kitchen.

Dark Kitchen Will Be a more Closed Environment

There’s no getting around it: more closed colors, in dark tones, will automatically bring a more closed environment to the kitchen. Is this good or bad?

Then it depends on the personal taste of each one. A kitchen in dark tones may well have a very large window with light coming in all day and creative lighting at night, without making the environment heavy.

In other words: there are always decoration possibilities so that the environment is comfortable and within the personal taste of those who frequent the space. However, if you want a more “open” environment, think of a dark kitchen with attributes that can generate light and contrasts.

The White Kitchen will be a Larger Space

Even in small apartments, the kitchen in white tones manages to “borrow” a deep and spacious environment. This type of finding is very important, especially for those looking for ideas to decorate small kitchens , without wasting little space.

Because it’s a mix of all colors, white help give walls and furniture a really cool depth and shine to create the feeling that space is bigger – when in fact, it’s smaller.

Few Colors Will Contrast in the Dark Kitchen

The light or dark kitchen is an environment that can be extensively decorated for a feeling of well-being and comfort. However, some types of decor may not look so nice in the dark kitchen if there isn’t adequate contrast.

Black requires unique decorative objects with unique colors, like yellow, gold, green and even white. Other shades may not look so nice and may even fade into the room. Be careful about this!

The white kitchen will give more emphasis to other pieces

Black, yellow, red, pink, grey, purple or lilac: all these colors can easily match your light kitchen, as white is an open hue and easily contrasts with many other shades.

So, if your goal is to create a hyper-decorated kitchen, with cartoons on the walls, colorful pots on the shelves, towels on counters and other types of decoration, know that light tones, especially white, can make it all work very well.

Dark kitchen makes dirt less apparent

Don’t you want to worry about dirt on counters or smudges on shelves? So perhaps the dark kitchen is the best option. After all, dark tones help to leave the environment with some types of dirt less apparent.

However, remember: very large dirt, spots seen with the reflection of light or even dust, can be much more visible in dark tones than in light tones, as this type of dirt creates a lot of contrast on the surfaces.

White kitchen may look more dirty

And finally, light kitchen tones can make dirt more noticeable – especially embossed ones. In addition, the white kitchen helps create more “volume” in the kitchen sink, so that pans, especially in contrasting colors, appear to be more visible and messy Killua Wallpaper.

With this light or dark kitchen comparison, you will already have some good ideas to choose between one and the other!