Put a mousetrap? 5 Tips for Using Mouse Traps

Are you sure a mousetrap is the best solution?

A mousetrap is a simple and cheap pesticide. But a mousetrap is not always the best solution. A mouse never comes alone.

Have you seen something gray flash by somewhere? Or the pointed tip of a mouse’s tail? Chances are that this unwanted visit did not come alone.

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Never place a mousetrap in an open area

A mouse trap is best placed along a wall or wall. If you place the trap along a wall or wall, make sure that the trap is positioned so that the trap closes towards the wall or wall.

Place multiple mouse traps

To have more success in chasing away the mice, it is best to place several mouse traps. In any case, place several traps on passageways and walkways.

Use bait that mice love

There are various kinds of foods suitable as bait on the mouse trap. Most commonly known is a cube of cheese, but peanut butter or a bacon cube are also effective. The advantage of peanut butter is that it keeps for a longer period of time, where cheese and bacon start to mold after some time.

Check the traps daily

Once you have placed the mouse traps, check every day if you have already caught a mouse. If you still haven’t caught a mouse after a few days, try another place for the mouse trap.

Consider safety

Place the mouse traps in places where children or pets cannot reach. If necessary, use a box that you place over the trap to protect children and pets.

What to do about an empty mousetrap?

You have put the mouse traps in the right place and during the daily check the mouse trap appears to be empty and your bait gone.

What now?

Make sure the bait you use is stuck in the cup on the trap. Fill this half way so the mouse has to make an effort to get it out. This considerably increases your chances of catching.

If you use a small bacon cube or piece of cheese, make sure there is a little peanut butter underneath and press it well.