Top 5 Advantages Of Solar Power

With the overall population growing exponentially, the scarcity levels of energy resources we use daily are also growing. This brings us the option to shift to renewable energy, and fortunately, the cost of renewable energy is falling continuously. A great majority of people are now switching to clean and renewable electricity sources. Solar energy happens to be one of the most affordable and easily available renewable energies. Therefore, if you’re too fed up with paying hefty amounts of money in utilities every month, you need to get yourself a home solar system. Let’s discuss some advantages of solar-powered electricity.

This Energy Is Clean And Renewable

There is no doubt that solar energy is 100% clean and renewable. When you’re using solar energy, you’re ridding yourself of the need for oil, coal, or gas, all of the non-renewable and pollution-inducing resources, for producing electricity. All these mentioned fossil fuels are responsible for deteriorating the air quality with harmful emissions. Not just the air quality, but the soil degradation and harmful effect on marine life are also some of the many disadvantages these resources bring with them. Experts have estimated by 2065, our planet will lose more species of plants and animals than we had lost in the past 65 million years. This is due to the harmful and increasing negative effects of fossil fuels and gases.

To cater to this issue, solar energy is by far the best solution. This resource produces no pollution and provides unlimited energy because of the sun’s abundant power that also does not harm the ozone layer. Home solar storage and panel systems are inarguable the best investment to protect the environment.

Allows You To Control Electricity

When you use a residential solar system, you have your home powered by a rooftop system throughout the day, and when it gets dark, the stored energy in the batteries comes into use. Therefore, you get independent once you install a solar panel. The solar-powered systems and home batteries are relatively more affordable, easy to get, efficient, and strong. Regardless of the external conditions, this system will provide energy security and peace of mind for the home. Get in touch with USA solar power and have a system that fills itself with energy generated from the sun and rids you from the difficulties, high expenses, and uncertainty of frequently refilling a gas-powered generator.

Saves A lot Of Current Utility Bills

If you’re among the vast majority of people who are finding it hard to manage their energy expenses, home solar panels are the only solution to your need. Solar energy systems provide efficiency and savings all year despite the change in climates. These systems provide energy according to their size and orientation relative to the sun. Some of these systems can even generate more electricity than your household consumes. This will result in bringing your electricity bill to zero.

Tax Breaks

These solar panel systems are becoming more affordable because of the availability of federal and state tax breaks. For instance, the federal solar tax credit reduces the dollar-for-dollar against your federal income tax. In the current scenario, the residential federal solar tax credit provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction against the federal income tax of around 26% of the total cost of the installation of this system. From 2021, this tax credit will reduce to 22%.

Reduction In Costs

Another amazing fact is that the cost of solar has reduced significantly in the past few years. This cost has reduced by 70% in the last 10 years. Moreover, you’ll be able to save on the maintenance costs, too, because there is no risk of breaking down moving parts. Also, the cost of home solar batteries has reduced dramatically.