Warning To Homeowners About Spray Foam Roof Insulation

In the UK, homeowners have been forewarned of the risks and repercussions of installing spray foam roof insulation in their houses.

More homeowners are adding spray foam insulation in their roofs to reduce energy bills as energy prices expand, but many might end up with unmortgageable dwellings.

Basically, the worrying issue for foam-insulated homeowners is difficulty in obtaining a mortgage, or freeing equity from such properties.

Another reason for the situation is that it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent companies when it comes to installing roof foam insulation.

If your property has spray foam roof insulation, here’s what you ought to know and what you should do. Contact us at Evergreen Power UK to get your Bespoke Quotation from our contractors for durable and affordable roof insulation.

What exactly is Spray Foam Roof Insulation?

When we heat our homes, the majority of the heat escapes due to air leakage. So it makes sense to restrict heat from escaping in order to enhance energy efficiency and save money on heating expenses.

This is where spray foam roof insulation kicks in. it is a chemical solution made up of two ingredients that, when combined, swell double times their liquid content, filling every nook and cranny. It’s a terrific technique to provide insulation and warmth.

Challanges with Spray Fam Roof Insulation

The spray foam insulation sector is unregulated, and if not placed properly or sprayed in an unsuitable roof space, such as one with a condensation issue, it can cause damage.

It should also not be sprayed on cables, as this could cause overheating. When installing spray foam roof insulation, an expert should first check your house and conduct a condensation risk assessment.

You may also encounter issues if closed cell spray foam insulation was utilised instead of open cell spray foam insulation.

The main issues are that it can impose stress on bearing roof timbers, impede air circulation in the roof, and induce humidity, which causes roof timbers to deteriorate, and it may be used incorrectly to fix a failing roof. Other issues include:

  • Unless homeowners pay to have the insulation removed, it may be tough to advertise their home to someone in need of a mortgage.
  • Homeowners are uncertain to be able to take advantage of equity release.
  • Homeowners may find it difficult to refinance.

Which lenders will lend to me if my house has spray foam roof insulation?

While it may be difficult to obtain a mortgage, it is not unattainable – but it differs by company. As an example:

  • Nationwide claims it will lend if you have the proper documentation, the insulation has been properly sprayed, and your roof is in good shape.
  • Santander may also demand a structural engineer’s report to be completed.
  • According to Barclays and Halifax, they are guided by the valuer’s judgement in specific circumstances.
  • HSBC will not lend on homes with spray foam insulation.

Is it practicable to remove spray foam roof insulation?

To eliminate spray foam insulation, expect to spend thousands of pounds, far more than the initial installation cost, and you might have substitute the entire roof.

Open cell foam is easier to remove because you only need to clean any impacted roof files, however closed cell foam is more thick and hard, making it more challenging to remove without damaging your roof covering.

Homeowners may also have to cope with the effects of bad spray foam installation, such as harm to the structure and rotting.

Whether this is appropriate for you will rely on your circumstances such as if you have the necessary documents.

What is the cost of removing spray foam roof insulation?

The cost of removing spray foam insulation varies depending on factors such as location, accessibility, and the amount that must be removed. However, experts believe it will cost more than implementation.

This is because it gets into all the nooks and spaces beneath timbers, making it tough to reach and remove. Keep in mind that harm to your home might have already occurred.

As reported by Checkatrade, the expense of removing spray foam insulation can range between £40 and £60 per square metre, however this does not include the cost of containers or the safe disposal of the insulation.

Before you install spray foam roof insulation, seek professional advice

Hire an independent expert, which is commercially separated from the installer or manufacturer, to perform pre-installation evaluation tests for individuals considering installing spray foam insulation.

Their qualified building surveyors are able to guide you on whether spray foam is appropriate for your house.

For instance, it is yet additional cost for homeowners. Our second point is that installers should make homes aware of this in advance, which is now not the case.

You may start by looking for a contractor who is a member of the National Insulation Installers and Trustmark, but make sure you conduct your own research and read their reviews as well.  You should notify your lender to determine if they have any problems.


Spray foam insulation can help to increase a home’s energy efficiency. However, if it is not installed in accordance with the company’s instructions, there is a potential danger of causing damages to the roof structure, that can result in expensive repair bills and an obligation to remove the spray foam. If you are in search for an installer, do not interact with companies that employ high-pressure sales tactics. Professional and skilled contractors from Evergreen Power UK will take numerous measurements, inspect the roof and its tiles, timbers, and keep track of moisture levels.

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