10 Hair Extension Mistakes And How To Solve Them

Hair extensions would be undetectable when done properly, and perfecting the extension technique will make you look amazing. But things can also go wrong quickly with the extension installation — and there’s nothing worse than bad hair extensions.

Wearing a hair extension is really tricky, and without the help of an expert, and sometimes with help, you tend to get it all wrong. Wearing a hair extension makes total sense once you know the right hacks; even though it’s hard to get the hang of it, it’s actually worth it.

Below are some hair extension mistakes, and fixing them will give you the awesome feeling in your hair extension that you always wanted.

Mistake #1: Installing too many extensions

Not only is over-installation bad, but it can also be very painful for the one using too many extensions.

  • Space every weft about a pinkie-width apart, or as close as the width of the tail comb, but don’t let them touch it.
  • You’re not supposed to install on messy parts. Use a small clip to keep your baby hair out of the way.
  • Stay from the hairline, at least two finger-widths. Why? This ensures that the natural hair can cover up when you pull the hair back, plus it won’t be uncomfortable when you wear sunglasses.
  • The hair subsection where the extension is applied should be equal in size and density to the extension weft. The extension won’t hold too thin of a slice, and a slice too thick will cause the extension to pop open.

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

Mistake #2: Installing the wrong color

It is an absolute mistake to use matching extensions to that of the root color and also using just one shade of extension on the entire head.

  • The color match of the extensions should be done at the mids and the end, not the roots. Since they are extending their hair, this is where you need to match the color.
  • The secret to natural-looking hair is dimensional color. 

 Virgin Hair

Mistake #3: Installing the wrong length

Installing super long extensions on a bob cut is an absolute no since it will not blend in. Avoid obvious installations with extensions. When you’ve got extremely short hair, and you’re aiming for a really long extension package, then covering the disconnects will take a lot of effort. For those with short hair, a clip-in extension is generally not recommended, as blending would be very difficult, as well as getting enough space to cover the hair clips.

  • Although super-long extensions look odd on short pixies and bobs, you might be able to use extensions to add fullness or color pops — do not let existing hair length limit your solutions!
  •  In order to add actual, undetectable length, the hair would have to be approximately on shoulders length.
Mistake #4: Not leaving enough hair to cover the extension

It is very important to remember where you are putting the weft of your clip-in hair extension because you don’t want this weft to show up. Clipping your hair extension too far will leave little to no hair to help cover them, and you won’t achieve the seamless blend.

Mistake #5: Putting it on the wrong side

It’s very obvious that you’re wearing clip-ins when you’re wearing the wrong side of your extension, and it’s totally impossible to look great or get that amazing blend.

Mistake #6 Clip the shorter pieces

One of the best ways to realize that you are wearing a hair extension is the small piece of hair extension poking our neck around. This little thing can actually ruin the whole blend. Mostly for those with short hair, you’re not supposed to skip this step. It’s really, really important.

Mistake #7 Making the most of too much hair product

Regular hair washing is not recommended. Why? For what? That is because your hair extension does not get the same nutrient and oil supply as it does with your hair. This can lead to heavy products building up on your hair if you’re using an excess of them. In the long run, the hair extension will start to look sluggish and not appealing as it is used to be

Mistake #8 Clippings the extensions too high

You’re definitely placing it too high if you’re one of those people who are clipping their extensions right on the line where they’ve parted their hair. It’s one sure giveaway that you’re wearing an extension because putting it too high will produce a bump, and you’ll reveal other parts while you’re trying to cover that portion.

Mistake #9 Sleeping on them

Sleeping on your hair extensions is a major no-no for you because this can do very significant harm to your hair and even the extension. During your sleep, tossing and turning, you will put pressure on your natural hair, and then you start to struggle with hair loss or even scalp injury.

Mistake #10 Choosing poor-quality hair extensions

Some women want to attain long, voluminous hair at a fraction of the cost. Yet you get your pay for this, as they say. In worst cases, hair extensions of bad quality will feel terrible on your hair and look hideous. This can cause hair loss and hair damage. So, always go for the pure virgin hair extensions that are made of 100% human hair. It won’t damage your natural hair.

These hacks are super easy, but getting them wrong can lead to havoc, and making them right will offer a seamless blend to your extension.