Lina Morgana, Lady Gaga Relationship And Cause Of Death

Lina Morgana was a Russian citizen, born on January 11, 1989. She was an actress, most well-known for Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008), You Rock, Let’s Roll (2008), Bla,bla, and Bla (1981). On October 4, 2008, she died in New York.

Lina Morgana was a shining rising star. Her voice was one of the best in the world. She was a powerful and beautiful singer who left everyone stunned.

She was amazing. she’s bright eyes and radiant smile were amazing. Her brightness and light were evident when she entered a room. Her smile and laugh made everyone around her happy.

Lina, who was 19 years old, died tragically on October 4, 2008. Lina’s family and friends will continue sharing her music and beauty with others and will not be forgotten.

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Childhood And Beginnings

Elina Mikhailovna Korogluyeva, a Russian immigrant from Russia, was born January 11, 1989 in Russia. She moved to Staten Island in 2005 to pursue a career in music.

First Steps (2007)

Rob Fusari, a New Jersey producer, brought her to his studio to create tracks in 2007. Lady Gaga also came to her aid, sharing a song called Wunderland. It  never released.

Lina Morgana: The Death

Lina Morgana, at the Staten Island New York Hotel on October 4, 2008 found dead a Graniteville resident, . She was only a few miles from New York.

Witnesses said that Dancing on top of the ten-story building seen the 19-year-old woman. At 11:20, however, Lina fell from the roof.

Her aunt told her that she was about to be Miss New York, and that her album was almost ready. Morgana was only three weeks away from participating in Miss New York’s beauty pageant. Her CD of songs was available for release. >>

Rob Fusari also expressed gratitude to She, saying: “I had the privilege of working alongside Lina. When they are able to see such a talented, unique artist in the studio, producers’ dreams become reality.

Lina is not only a singer, but also an individual. Morgana is one of those rare talents who doesn’t fade too fast. She was only 19 when Lina achieved so much. Morgana was a friend and artist that I had the privilege of knowing.

The family rejects suicide theories, but none of the members are willing to speculate about hypotheses or other causes. Lina’s aunt stated on She’s tribute page that Lina’s family doesn’t believe Morgana died intentionally. As a family, we don’t believe She committed suicidal acts. >>

Lina Morgana And Lady Gaga: Relationship

Fusari, Morgana, and Germanotta wrote about 10-11 songs together and it seems that they were very close.

Morgana was reportedly supposed to sign with a major record label and produce a documentary series on her for MTV. This was not the case.

It is evident that something had happened between 2007 and 2008 to shift the focus away from Lina Morgana to Lady Gaga.

Perhaps Morgana was the one who got all the attention.

Morgana was actually a guest host on Frank Coscia’s Staten Island program Who Do You Like TV? before her death. Sister Venus was searching for a singer.

She was offered the role, and Morgana performed it for many months until her death.

Morgana with Sister Venus is one of Coscia’s YouTube uploads. In 2008 uploaded It. Morgana avoids the camera and curls out from the frame. She is dissociating from the people around her.

Although this is the most likely scenario, Morgana was actually depressed. Morgana took her own life because of this.

Theory 1: Lady Gaga Holds Lina Morgana’s Soul.

Morgana’s mom said that Lina was being held captive by Lady Gaga in an interview that was later deleted. She wants her soul free.

Lina stated that Gaga speaks about having a dark past, but Gaga had “everything wanted in the world”, while Morgana was the one with a troubled history.

Lina’s mom said that She lived a hard life and spoke often about her tragic past.

Others believe Part by Illuminati psychic control may have caused Morgana’s suicide .

Theory 2: Lady Gaga Murdered Morgana.

Another conspiracy theory is that Gaga murdered Morgana. This is now disproven as Gaga was in Los Angeles at the time Morgana died.

This is because Lady Gaga never spoke publicly about Morgana’s death.

She died in a similar manner to Morgana’s suicide attempt in “Paparazzi”, Her death released just one year after which.

According to reports, The roof dancing and others saw her jump-off seen her. One report indicates that she was pushed by someone.

Gaga’s August 2009 re-released of The Fame supports This theory. It took place one year after Morgana’s death.

The Fame II was The Fame’s second album. It was much more popular than its reissued version. It was The Fame’s most-sold album in 2010, selling 5.8 millions copies.

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Lady Anna Morgan

Lady Gaga’s partner-in-crime Lina Morgana shared similar artistic visions before her fame. She was killed shortly before Lady Gaga reached top of the charts. Conspiracy theorists started to question Lina Morgana’s fate after Lady Gaga died. They cited She’s family comments and the strange silence of the media.

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