Top 10 salon services in Delhi

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Much like we take care of our physical health, our skin also needs regular nutrition to sustain. Our skin requires its fair share of retinol and vitamin C to be healthy and glowy. There are so many products which are available in the market to make our skin feel good. The process of skincare is long but when you know the end result, it feels worth it. 

But no matter how often you maintain your skincare routine, it is not enough. Our skin much like our bodies requires a boost every now and then to function at its maximum. The occasional sheet masks and self-facial might feel relaxing but nothing beats the salon services provided by the experts. We have brought to you the top 10 salon services in Delhi that make life a little easier. Not only do these salons provide quality service, but they also relax you and give you the best bits of advice on skin and hair care.

Top 10 salon services in Delhi 
1. Affinity Salon

Located at the heart of Gulmohar Park, Affinity salon is known for giving the best look to most of their satisfied customers. They judge according to your face shape and their extensive knowledge of haircuts and styles leaves you looking great. Their specialty includes styling, straightening, and perming. Best spa for people with scalp issues. 

2. Vikings Salon

Vikings Salon is one of the premier-level salons with professional haircare experts who offer an array of hairstyling solutions. From hair coloring services like global and balayage to spa treatments like OlaPlex Bond Multiplying, clients experience high-quality salon service here.

3. BBLunt

This salon is one of the best salons when it comes to haircuts. Located in Greater Kailash 2, Bblunt has some incredible reviews. They are known for their dyes and hair color experts.

4. Lakme Hair salon

Lakme is an international brand that is famous all over the world. The best thing is Lakme provides courses to people. Thus they are trained and become Lakme experts to provide world-class treatment to their customers. Most known for their hairstyles, straightening perming, and treatments. Visit the store at Naraina Vihar for the ultimate salon experience. 

5. Geetanjali Salon-

This is one of the oldest salon branches that has spread into 36 sites all over Delhi since 1989. The founder Sumit Israni is a well-trained hairstylist. He happened to give great looks to Hilary Clinton and Micheal Obama. The primary branch is in Rajouri Garden and it is well known for giving personalized highs and lowlights.

6. Monsoon Salon and Spa

This is the most customer-centric spa. They are all about providing their customers with a great experience. They are located in Connaught Place and intend to give you the best spa in your life. 

7. Ambika Pillai-

Started by a woman who grew up in Delhi. Ambika Pillai has managed to secure a great place in the hearts of every woman who needs some pampering. They have been catering to the hair and skin needs of many celebrities over the years. Moreover, her team consists of the best stylists in India. They are located at south extension 2 in the wave shopping arcade. 

8. Martina Wu Salon-

Started by two sisters who love styling people, Matina Wu and Rita Wu. Both are known for their exceptional hands over hair styling and coloring. Martina has a great hand to give you a good haircut and Rita will leave you with her perfect hair colors. Located at Malviya Nagar, they have a large number of happy customers. 

9. Jawed Habib Hair Salon-

One of the earliest salons to revolutionize the hair care industry. They have over 650 branches all over the country. All of them are very successful because of the brand image that they have made and the credibility that they earned. With great styling tips, you can definitely rely on them for your look.

10. Looks Hair Salon

This is one of the biggest salon chains that spread its wings immensely in the northern front of the country. The team believes to provide luxurious hair care sitting at the heart of Connaught place 

What things to consider when selecting a salon
  • Location- When you are choosing a salon; always opt for the nearest one. This will give you more time to yourself so you can come home and relax on your own terms. 
  • Package price- Most salons provide a combo offer with multiple services at a reduced price. Hence weigh your options and get the package that is more suited to your needs. 
  • Equipment used- Make sure that your salon is using clean and up-to-date equipment. Poorly maintained equipment may harm your hair and skin and that is the opposite of what we want. 
  • Recommendations- you can go for the recommendations that are provided to you. But be sure to check the place online before going. Unless it is from a very trusted friend. 
  • Research- above everything trust your own judgment 
What can you expect from your salon visit?
  • Experience- The great thing about salon service is the people who are hired have years of handling and working with thousands of customers. Hence they know what they are doing. The trainees do not lay their hands on the customers until they are ready. So you can be relaxed when you are in a chair. 
  • Personalization- Salon experts see your face shape and your skin tone and personalize haircuts or hair colors. Therefore you have uniqueness added to your appearance. 
  • Transparency- The great thing about salons is you can see the products that are being used on you. So you can tell them if you don’t want something applied to you. Fortunately, they maintain that transparency. 
  • Sanitation- When the area is full of hair or dye smells, it is important to clean them for maximum efficiency. Thus sanitation is a must when it comes to salons. 
  • Time management- A team of experienced hair and skin experts provides the best service. They make you feel and look great in the least possible time so you can go home and be yourself sooner. 
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Every woman must go to the salon at least once a month. This will not only relax and calm you but also give your hair and skin the best treatment. You can feel your stress melting away and your skin rejuvenating because you deserve it.