4 iOS App Design Ideas to Admire In 2022

Design of an app acts as the first point of contact between a user and an app. Many users are enamored only by looking at the frames in an app. Every other feature and functionality gets overshadowed by a good or bad design language in an app.

iOS is such a strong platform for developers to offer futuristic services to the users that ensure maximum engagement in an app. This engagement eventually translates into great revenue for businesses. While everyone wants to deploy finest looking apps with best features on iOS and the App Store, it is never easy to stand out from the crowd when it comes to design. 

iOS Features That Optimize Design Elements 

The operating system on which an app performs plays a huge role for the app development. The platform that the iOS offers is leading in tech and features. There is a debate about the delay in rolling out some features but Apple has its own way of mastering a feature before rolling it out. 

The latest version of iOS offers some great features that your apps can optimize. There are no ground rules but there are some guidelines that are helpful. Before looking at the design ideas for apps, let us take a brief look at the features that are worth noting.


The universal search bar on an iOS device is known as the Spotlight Search. This search bar earlier helped users find relevant settings and apps on the device. The search bar now does a lot more than that. The search bar can identify pages or features from your app and show them as results. As a developer you must optimize the content on your app so that it appears properly in the spotlight search on an iOS device.


It has surely changed the way we interact with an app. People like to have an overview of the app and its core features without having to open the app. To facilitate that, the new version of iOS allows developers to create widgets that showcase some key information or content from the app along with some top call to action buttons. 


The notch by default remains the biggest talking point for iOS devices, especially iPhones. This time though, for newer devices, iOS enables apps to put some sort of animation on that notch which shows relevant content or progress animation while the app is not open. Developers must offer adaptive design elements for their apps to show on the notch.

Top 5 Design Ideas For iOS Apps in 2022

Taking into account the above mentioned and some previous popular features of iOS, developers offering the finest ios development service often come up with design trends that make a lot of noise and get a lot of recognition. Apple has its own set of awards for design ideas every year. These are the apps that optimize the capabilities of both the software and the hardware.

Here are some ideas that stand out in terms of the design.


Outlook has always been a classic tool to manage all your emails and important attachments. Many feared that in the world of smart devices, this computer-based tool will be lost. Outlook instead offered even finer services with its apps, especially on iOS.

It has a great search feature that helps you search through emails, recipients, attachments or other files. It also has a great way to integrate stock apps like calendar and weather. Outlook also allows you to customize your notifications. One of the best traits of the new Outlook app on iOS is its ability to optimize the dark mode.


Carrot was always regarded as one of the best weather apps on iOS devices. One of the proud receivers of Apple’s design awards, this app has outperformed the stock weather apps on all iOS devices. One of its best traits is its adaptability as it offers the best user interface across various devices like iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch.

Apart from the app user interfaces, it also offers great customization for notifications on all these devices. One of its most popular features is the completely customizable home screen and lock screen widget. With the iOS 16’s ability to make the most of the widgets, designers at Carrot surely hit this one out of the park. 


This one offers quite unique features. You can pick and choose a few apps and add their quick call to action buttons on your lock screens. These quick steps include calling, FaceTime, texting, instant messaging, emails etc. 

This app has a lean and uncluttered user interface. The beauty of it is that it does not require any additional permission. The interface it offers is pretty simple and the layover features are something to learn from. This app basically optimizes the lock screen widgets feature offered by the latest iOS. There is a lot of customization you can do with it as well.


Another very popular app that supports dark mode so brilliantly, Spotify is probably that one app you will end up using every single day in your life. Apart from its huge library of songs, from the design point of view, you get the obvious change and adaptation of the dynamic island space on the newer iPhones. This space around the notch on the display shows the equalizer bar, the play and pause animations and the volume bar as well. The tiny display animations around the notch make everything look so easy to the eye.


The design language on iOS apps is a different universe altogether. In today’s times when we have specific app designers for iOS and Android apps, it is very important to understand the device hardware and software excellence that the makers offer. The features on iOS devices are not just there to build the apps better. But with features like spotlight search and widgets, you can ensure that the user interacts with your app without even having to open it once. The future is all about lean and uncluttered designs. The new features and design trends for iOS apps suggest just that.