5 Applications Blogger Must Have in their Mobile

Well friends today i will increase your knowledge about best five applications for blogger that must have in mobiles. As we all know that the usage of smart phones are increasing day by day. In every city, town and even in the villages a single person have two mobiles. Not only mobiles every technology have some benefits and drawbacks. Be like that there are also advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in our daily life. There is a message to all of us that we must have to use all technologies for beneficial purposes. Now let’s read some about the top apps that every blogger must have, i am also using these application daily.

Best Mobile Application for Bloggers
  • WordPress Mobile

Every blogger know that WordPress is the world largest CMS (Content management system). I personally recommend this application to the all bloggers and to those peoples that are working online. Because it help us easily to find updated about our website. Like some one commenting, like or share our blog post.

  • Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the best and famous analyzing tool to all bloggers. It helps to find our website stat and full reports of our visitors and page views. This is not the end of Google Analytics, there are hundred of options that helps us to find more opportunities to grow up our traffics and improve our search engine ranking.

  • aRank

aRank may be you hear this name first time but this is an awesome mobile application in google play store. One of the best thing i found in this app it keep and show the record of your website globally. It have the ability to save the records of two months and your websites daily record. What a wonderful application. Not only yours you can save the other websites and check their ranking daily the best thing is to find your competitor ranking daily.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr the biggest platform of online working where you can get orders and deliver the works and earn money easily. This application is must to install in your mobiles if you are blogger and working online on fiverr. Because it show the notification about new orders, and if you don’t reply early to your clients it reduce you response time and ranking in search result. If you don’t have it in mobile you are unable to answer your clients.

  • Youtube

All we know that YouTube is the video streaming website and one of the biggest videos websites. You may be know about this application but here is question; You are using YouTube on the right way or not? Yes of course if you are a blogger then you must use it for practical works and for learning new updates. Subscribe the channels that are all about blogging and tutorials. Because all the search engines update their rules and algorithm time to time. There for you must keep eyes on updates.

Ending Note

Well friends! this is the end of our topic that was about best blogger applications for mobiles. Please don’t forget to write your opinions and suggestions in below comment box. We always love to hear from you. If you have any question about mobile applications for bloggers the feel free to contact us.

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