How React Native Helped in the Development of a Restaurant App?

React Native is the first option for a cross-platform mobile app development framework that is used by hundreds of businesses. Native apps work when used with iOS as well as Android. However, there are only a few frameworks available to create apps like these.

React Native is the most versatile and flexible of all. It can aid in the creation of anything from a table-booking application to a music chat application. Restaurant app applications for mobile devices require a dynamic and cross-platform platform, and React Native is perfect for this.

React Native provides a native experience to the app. It’s impossible to tell if the application is written using the language of Objective-C (iOS) as well as Java (Android)). Both markets are crucial to focus on. Android is a dominant 70 percent market share and iOS is responsible for 27 percent in the overall market. Native apps have greater impact and more interaction as compared to the hybrid React Native apps.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different elements in React Native through an interesting case study. The case study will focus on the applications developed using React Native an internet-based table booking system. Before that, there should be an emphasis on the features that make the framework suitable for creating applications similar to the Table Reservation System.

“React Native”: What’s the Plus Points

React Native is a powerful cross-platform framework for mobile application development. Any company that develops custom software currently would suggest React Native as the choice of framework to develop iOS and Android apps.

Here are the main Reasons to choose React Native for your Application This is a list of the benefits to Choosing React Native for your Application

Supports cross-platform Applications

The greatest feature is the fact that React Native supports cross-platform app development. You don’t need to find distinct developers to develop for Android as well as iOS. React Native developers build an application that works on both operating systems with one code base. The components are compatible with native applications.

Rapid app Development

Because you’re hiring a single developer to work on developing both applications and the codebase, it is less time to construct. A single codebase drastically reduces the time needed to discover bugs too. You can quickly develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It takes longer to market the product by using React Native.

Rich user Interface

React Native allows you to create an extremely user-friendly interface. There are decorative components that are built in that can be used to add buttons, sliders as well as switches and more. It is possible to design an interface that is visually appealing and draws the attention of your user.

Support from third-party Parties

There are libraries to customize testing, element addition and all other things. React Native supports third-party plugins to a large extent. You can connect wearables to get analytics and design interesting user interfaces for users. There are plugins for nearly everything that is in React Native.

Simple Updates

React Native utilizes Code Push – you can directly push updates to app stores. There is no plugin to do this – apps are automatically updated when you push new releases. Users can view the latest changes without having to restart the application.

After you have a better understanding of the advantages that come with React Native, let’s move into our case study. The case study will assist you to pinpoint the areas where React Native is useful. It will concentrate on an online system for table reservations that BoTree developed with React Native.

Online Table Reservation System for Restaurant

Application is an internet-based table reservation service that eases the procedure of making a reservation at restaurants. It also allows restaurants to offer discounts to customers. This results in more patrons and more efficient managing of reservations.

Let’s review the case study behind the restaurant app more in depth. The client is located out from the US and needed an application specifically targeted towards local restaurants.

Development of apps in the restaurant industry requires a lot of research and cross-platform tools. The majority of users are in both the iOS as well as Android zone. Thus, a cross-platform platform such as React Native is essential for the restaurant reservation system.


Local restaurants are often faced with difficulties when it comes to bookings and table reservations. The management of these issues during peak times is a major challenge. Every customer wants quick service.

Additionally having a discount in the restaurant was another issue. The problem was that there wasn’t a local app that could connect these businesses to customers, and assist in more efficient management. Customers couldn’t make reservations at these establishments and consequently waiting for hours to book a table.


We utilized the following technologies when building the application:

The stack of technology consisted of principal technologies used in mobile application development. We also developed a web application to book tables for restaurants with small portions. It gives an immersive experience for clients via both mobile and the web.

The development of apps for food delivery follows the same model. The administration part of the application contained information of local eateries. Additional restaurants could be added easily in the program. The client is able to manage the information and connect to the restaurants.

In this restaurant’s website case study, The second step is to create a system to manage reservations. The dashboard displayed the reservation requests to the customer. We also provided the ability to offer discounts when booking the restaurant. We have streamlined the entire process to manage requests and link users to restaurants.


The table reservation application online has become one of the top restaurant reservation systems available in the vicinity. It has helped overcome the geographical restrictions within the local region that restrict local restaurant booking. It is readily available in the area to offer discounts and table reservation services without difficulty.

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