Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mobile App Development Company

If you plan to get a custom android app development or iOS app development for your business or are looking to hiring mobile app development company, it’s the wisest decision you could take in the year 2022. Also, to offer advanced experiences to their users, top mobile app development companies across the globe are taking the mobile-first approach.

Yes, the decision is wise, but you’re now at a stage where you should take your next step carefully. We know Google has answers to each question. For example, doing a Google search for the best mobile app development company could offer you tons of results, but the choice is yours to finalize the company. So be intelligent and wise. Before understanding questions, you should read some commendable stats of mobile app development usage.

Statistics of Mobile App Development Usage

  1. Consumers downloaded a record of 204 Billion mobile apps across the globe, spending $120B for in-app subscriptions, which is high around 2.1% from 2016 to 2020 and spending 3 hours 40 min per day time in mobile.
  2. According to Deloitte, globally, almost all consumers check their smartphones within 3 hours of waking up.
  3. The mobile advertising cost is $ 190 billion in 2019 and is predicted to reach approximately 280 billion in 2022.

Now, let’s move onto the important questions you should ask before hiring a mobile app development company.

Questions to Ask Your Mobile App Development Company

1.   How They Are Unique And Stand Out From The Crowd

Indeed, there are millions of mobile apps on different stores out there. For your mobile app to stand out from the crowd and be unique, the mobile app developer should be equally impressive as well. When you examine companies’ websites and portfolios, you only imagine how good they are and if they could pull off your project. But instead of imagination, ask them about their USP (unique selling point), and you will understand their ideologies, thought processes and how they succeed in the industry.

If the company responds with generic information like client communication, customer service, transparent operation, commitment and more, understand that they are not the ones. Instead, look for angles or approaches on the following aspects like the creativity of their designs, how they implement advanced and innovative development methodologies, how much time they take in development, who are their target audience and user requirements, and many more.

2.   The Size of Companies They’ve Worked For

Before moving forward with the company, always make sure that the company is not too big or not too small for your requirements. The reason for not choosing too big or too small is that when you work with a mobile app development company that’s too big, you will end up being just another client for that company.

And if you choose a too small company to work with you often don’t get what you want or deserve. So, this is why the trick is to work with the middle ground. The ideal choice is to select a mobile app development company according to the size of your business.

3.   Industry Verticals

Checking their industry sectors and verticals is to test the waters of their versatility. You will better understand this via an example. So, for instance, now a company might be brilliant in developing travel apps, but when given a project on FinTech app development, they might fumble. But on the other hand, a professional (middle ground) development company specializes in developing all the apps regardless of industries or verticals.

Also, please note that when you ask them this question, an ideal response should be experienced working with myriad industries such as Ewallet, FinTech, Education & Elearning, Healthcare, Recruitment, On-Demand, and many more. This same question also ties back with our previous question, where the companies are the right size to have worked with plenty of commendable projects.

4.   How Do They Handle Projects and Pipelines?

This question will instantly impact the mobile app development process once you collaborate with them. Mostly, chances are highly likely that companies tend to completely shift their focus on that one particular big project that comes in. But, obviously, the stakes are higher, so they tend to put aside all other tasks when a big company approaches them for collaboration. So, it totally depends on us to understand their projects and pipelines to assure our mobile app development doesn’t get delayed by them.

A good sign is when they have enough team of Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, QA (testers), UI/UX designers, Web Designers, and many more with solid workflows to handle multiple clients at once. And after all that you receive a generic response, you know how to proceed further and what to do.

5.   What Are The Geographies They Get The Most Projects From

Always check their geography. If a company’s geography is restricted to one precise region alone, it is visible that they won’t have a global understanding of diverse markets.

Tip: No matter how big clients they have, exposure always matters. This is what I suggest to always keep in mind while selecting a company.

They should have a customer base across the globe with clients, especially from countries like the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, APAC, EMEA, and many more. The more diverse the areas, the more the exposure.


So, these were the few important questions you should ask your mobile app development service providers over any other query in the beginning. You will get a thorough idea of whether going forth with a custom android app development company would make sense or not via answers to these questions.

To help you make an advised decision, consider these questions as a data point. Then, with the time being right to launch into the app market, get going by selecting a company wisely. However, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that has answers to all the questions you have read so far.

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