The Benefits of IoT: With Some Real-World Applications

These days, technologies are leaving no stone unturned in making people’s lives comfortable and relaxed. Each day, accessing essential information becomes easier, granting us details on previously unattainable aspects of our lives. Take, for instance, any product that you place an order for through a reputed online store. 

A few years or decades ago, customers were not able to track the location of their shipments. But since IoT has come into effect, it has become feasible to track the location of a multitude of commodities in transit. Have you ever wondered how? Well, there are many connected devices that keep working behind the scenes. 

Yes, these devices interact with each other through radio frequency and cellular signals to ensure the execution of certain processes and the delivery of important information to the concerned folks. So, if you also want to take advantage of this technology to build intelligent tracking solutions for your customers, you need to team up with individual IOT professionals or a reputed IoT development company who have prior experience in working with such projects.

With that perceived, now it is time to give a look to:

What are some standard examples of IoT usage in different departments?

IoT is an abbreviation of the Internet of Things that barely gets noticed in our daily life. Have you ever wondered why? If not, we must inform you that this technology works in a hidden space via a robust network of connected gadgets. And these connected gadgets exchange necessary information with each other through some signals, resulting in handling a wide range of significant processes. 

It is the main reason many entrepreneurs can make data-driven decisions to carry out several monumental tasks in their organization. In fact, according to an exploding trends finder, there will be almost 25 billion IoT devices in the subsequent 7 years. 

And today we will know, how the implementation of IoT can make a difference in the industrial, commercial, medical, and government sectors easily:

  1. It can help monitor tank levels in agricultural and industrial fields 
  2. It can aid in detecting leakage in gas and oil operations 
  3. It can automate various processes in industrial operations for several reasons, like safety, efficiency, and cost savings
  4. It can check on the temperature of decaying goods in trucking and refrigeration 
  5. It can track the location of multiple inventories in transit 
  6. It can recognize the location of trains and buses and keep track of railroad tracks for obstructions 
  7. It can manage payments and processes like a five-finger exercise in EV charging stations and parking meters
  8. It can assist in patient monitoring in hospitals and automating infusions 
  9. It can facilitate the detection of soil moisture and conditions for crop management 

If you are interested in these implementations and wish to develop a robust solution around them, it’s crucial to contact a reputable IoT app development company without delay.

What are some popular applications of IoT technology as per an IoT app development company?

What are some popular applications of IoT technology as per an IoT app development company?

  • Wearables

Wearable communication has become a remarkable reality with numerous applications now available, offering surprising possibilities:

  1. Personal Fitness
  2. Wellness 
  3. Healthcare 
  4. Leisure 

The biometric sensors installed in watches and wristbands come in handy in detecting:

  1. Respiration rate
  2. Heart rate
  3. Temperature 
  4. Glucose level 
  5. Blood oxygen level

And when these wearable gadgets gather a sufficient amount of data, they store it, before uploading it to a web-based infrastructure with the help of the internet or cellular link.

Wearable devices are equipped with accelerometers that accurately measure steps and detect various movements, including golf shots, made by individuals. That’s not all! These inventions can utilize GPS to determine precise locations and calculate the total distance traveled with great accuracy.

So, you can plan to build an IoT-enabled wearable device in the near future. Consider seeking professional assistance from a reputable IoT app development company to ensure smooth integration of the technology.

  • Smart home security

Very few people out there know that IoT plays an instrumental role in securing houses to a great extent. For example, it can turn out to be useful in protecting your home from fires, floods, and break-ins with the help of:

  1. Glass break and motion detectors 
  2. Heat, smoke, and water detectors 

All of them are coupled with intelligent cameras, smart doorbells, and security alarm pads. As far as the functioning of such a home security system goes, the readings and alarms from different sensors pass to an in-home controller first. 

Post that, the same information reaches a cloud-based platform through a battery-operated cellular communicator or the internet. From the cloud, the concerned user is alerted through a smartphone or computer application about any unexpected event that has taken place in their residence. 

The best part is that users can easily access additional information about specific events or incidents by logging into the app. They can review sensor logs and camera footage to determine what occurred and where. Moreover, users have the ability to remotely activate or deactivate their chosen security system, granting or denying access to their property as desired.

For enhanced security, individuals can create customized access codes for specific users, allowing them to receive notifications whenever they enter or exit. Hence, if you also want to build and sell such a home security system to reach your monetary goals, it is in your best interest to contact a reputed IoT app development company now. 

  • Smart driving 

Believe it or not, self-driving cars and delivery trucks are going to become the new normal very soon. It is just a matter of a few decades. But do you know that even without driverless cars, there is a battery of examples of IoT technology deployed around us? 

An example worth mentioning is a prominent US automobile manufacturer that has integrated sensors in its vehicles. These sensors efficiently detect mechanical issues and collisions, uploading relevant data to a cloud-based platform and a 24-hour service advisor.

After locating the vehicle, the advisor establishes direct communication with the driver and promptly takes necessary actions, including dispatching emergency services if necessary. GPS plays a vital role in assisting advisors to accurately locate your vehicle’s precise whereabouts.

However, if the trouble is related to the engine section of your car, the assistance provider will run the necessary diagnostics on your vehicle remotely. This way, the responding mechanic will remain deeply familiar with your car’s woes when they arrive. 

So, such conveniences can easily be achieved through the use of IoT. To provide safety-oriented benefits to your current and prospective customers, it is crucial to collaborate with a leading IoT app development company without delay.

  • Smart toll collection 

The next area where an IoT app development company can work wonders is Electronic Toll Collection or ETC. Yes, this IoT application is getting highly used in urban areas equipped with:

  1. Bridges 
  2. Tunnels
  3. Toll roads 

The implementation of Electronic Toll Collection systems has reduced the long queues of vehicles. Modern vehicles typically feature a transponder on their windshield, read by sensors at smart toll booths along your route.

The transponder ID is recorded in the cloud for verification, and upon passing the booth, a sign displays “Toll paid” instantly. And the most exciting news? The highly accurate transponder reading technology can calculate toll fees even when your car is traveling at 50 MPH.

To explore creating a similar smart toll collection solution, reach out to a reliable IoT app development company online.


Finally, if you loved this primer and want to build an IoT-based solution to solve a crucial problem in the life of hundreds of thousands of people out there, kindly have a word with a highly-praised mobile app development specializing in IoT solution creation.