Top 12 Kotlin Best Features to Improve Android App Development

In 2017, Google added Kotlin to the league of programming languages that are leveraged for mobile app development. Earlier, developers used either Java or C++ for their Android app development processes. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains.

Kotlin can be described as a modern cross-platform statically typed programming language. Are you wondering if it can replace Java or not? Well, many developers are switching to Kotlin for its interoperability with Java. The best part is that you need to write fewer lines of code when using Kotlin. In fact, there are many more advantages to using Kotlin.

Have you been planning Android app development recently? In this article, we shall discuss the best advanced futures that why you should use Kotlin for Android App Development. Stay with us and keep reading.

Top 12 Kotlin Advanced Features to Enhance Android App Development

Have you been wondering if Kotlin app development is a viable option for you or not?

Well, of course, it can be leveraged for your app development processes. In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of Kotlin for Android developers. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best benefits of leveraging Kotlin.

1. Offers Open-Source Functionality

Kotlin is an open-source statically typed programming language. You can modify it as per your unique app requirements. It allows developers with a single-click tool that can convert any existing Java code. Kotlin is one of the best programming languages for custom Android app development. No wonder developers should use Kotlin for Android app development.

2. Provides Java Interoperability Feature

The best part about Kotlin is that it is totally interoperable with Java. Developers can easily access all Java frameworks and libraries. Kotlin enables developers to write more concise and clear codes. Kotlin runs on JVM and fully supports Java libraries. Adequate use of Kotlin allows engineers to migrate their app from Java without any hassles. Even if a developer has a Java-based project with complicated codes, it can easily be converted to Kotlin one file at a time.

3. Lazy-Loading Function

This Kotlin feature tends to increase the start-up time. This is very useful for developers while working Android app projects. It allows them to showcase their app’s content much faster. It can enable developers to load all the necessary resources into the main memory. Thus, Android app development using Kotlin is a good option for new-age developers who want to enhance their app development processes.

4. Kotlin Android Programming with Data Classes

Kotlin enables developers to write equivalent Java codes in a much simpler manner with fewer lines of codes. A data class can be defined as a simple class that is utilized to hold data and consists of standard functionality. The data class tends to eliminate the boilerplate code. Data classes in Kotlin are one of the most useful features that boost the app development process.

5. Gives Access to Collection Filtering Feature

In case of Android app development projects, developers need to handle collections quite often. But with Kotlin’s collection filtering, developers can easily assess what their resulting list should consist of. This is one of the most popular Kotlin advanced features that make the app development method smoother for developers.

6. Provides Useful Extensions

Kotlin extensions are highly advantageous for developers as they enable developers to add methods to data classes without performing changes to the source code. It allows developers to add methods on a per-user basis. There’s no requirement to have utility methods or classes. Code readability enhances naturally. There’s no denying that Kotlin Android app development is an efficient choice for modern developers.

7. Reduces Crashes

Kotlin makes it easier for developers to identify NullPointerException while compiling Android app development projects. Kotlin mobile app development ensures that every variable functions as a non-null. This, in turn, helps reduce the number of crashes at runtime.

8. Offers Smart Cast Functionality

With Kotlin’s smart cast function, developers can enhance the performance of the Android app. It helps identify the type of function easily. It further helps perform all the operations that are coded for a specific type. This way, it improves the efficiency of the app. In case of string identification, smart cast allows you to easily copy, count, and perform functions on the string type.

9. Ensures Safety and Reliability

Kotlin is a null safe programming language. With Kotlin, you can avoid the utilization of nullable types. This automatically removes all mistakes. Developers can easily simplify codes for debugging and operations of Android app development. Hence, it makes sense for developers to use Kotlin for Android app development.

10. Highly Cost-Effective

Most developers tend to choose Kotlin for developing Android apps because of its zero or low cost of adoption. As it is open-source, you don’t have to incur expenses to buy its license. Moreover, the Kotlin documentation for Android apps is quick and easy to learn.

11. Compact Syntax Feature

One of Kotlin’s best features is that its code is clear, concise, and compact. Kotlin app development requires fewer lines of code. As it has a clean and compact syntax, it has easier maintenance too. No doubt about the fact  that Kotlin Android programming is preferred by most developers in present times.

12. Consists of Standard Library Functions

With Kotlin, you can make implementations of higher order functions via idiomatic patterns without any hassles. It also has multiple utilities to work with char and string sequences. Kotlin’s JDK classes allow developers to work with IO, files, and threading quite conveniently. Hence, developers should opt for Kotlin Android app development.


We hope our article helped you comprehend the benefits you can derive from the use of Kotlin for your Android app development projects. Being a concise and expressive programming language, Kotlin can definitely be your go to solution while planning to develop your Android application. Do consider Kotlin for app development if you wish to boost your project productivity.

Good luck for your Android app project!