What is the Average time it takes to Develop a Mobile App?

There are many things you think about once you have an idea for an app. Many questions start to haunt you. The second most popular question is “How much will it be?” This is especially true when there is so much competition in the mobile app market. It was difficult for many of our clients to answer this question. So, we’re defining the steps to calculate the time required.

It’s almost impossible to predict the time frame before the first release is available on the market. Although you may have an idea of the app’s purpose and audience, there are many other factors that can affect it. This can impact the development time of the app by the app development agency.

Time Factors that Impact Mobile App Development


The platform you choose will determine the amount of effort and time needed to create a functional app. Both platforms require a significant time investment. However, Android requires a greater time commitment. Because of fragmentation issues when building apps for a wider variety of devices, is why Android takes longer. Although Google has been streamlining and updating the Android Software Developers Kit(SDK) over time to accommodate varying screen sizes, OS version, pixel densities, etc., there are still many improvements that can be made to the iOS platform. The approval process for Android apps is shorter than that of iOS.

Our skilled team of iOS and Android app designers is well-versed in the most common challenges and how to overcome them.


The time frame will also be determined by how well the developers of mobile apps understand your idea. The developers will be able to understand and execute your plan if it is not too complex, such as a copy of an existing app or a paper app. If you want to develop an app with unique features, it is important that you spend more time explaining your idea. This is important because the more you understand, the better your output will be.

Shiv Technolabs put all of our efforts into understanding and exploring the potential scope of the mobile application idea before we started working on it.


The features that you want to add to your mobile app will also affect the time it takes to complete. The more features you add, the longer it will take to build. It also matters what kind of functionality or feature you are looking to add to your application. Depending on its complexity, some features are easy to implement and others may require more effort or time.

It can be risky because of the complexity of the app and the functionalities that must be included. You might find that the app does not deliver what you expected, even though you have invested a lot of money. We encourage our clients not to spend too much time or money on building MVP. Minimum Viable Product (MVP), is a product that has a limited number of essential features. This helps to identify the market scope and provides valuable feedback for future product development. You can improve your idea by gaining feedback if the first version fails. If the app achieves its goal, you can add more features to it through subsequent releases. This can be profitable, but it is also time-consuming.

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Targeted Audience

It is easier to develop a mobile app that serves a small number of users at once, such as 1000 users. This is in contrast to apps serving a larger audience, which can require more work. Our experience shows that an app for a larger audience requires additional investment in infrastructure, performance testing, and tuning. These factors add to the time it takes to create an app. We believe that an app that is fully functional and bug-free will be more successful than one that crashes or launches too soon. We spend our time testing the app and making sure it meets all key KPIs.

App Development Process

Your development time will be greatly affected by the process you use. Good processes help you get everything done on time, from design to development and testing. An inefficient process can lead to an imbalance of the whole.

Shiv Technolabs uses Agile methodology. This allows requirements and solutions to emerge from the combined efforts of the development team as well as the user. This approach encourages adaptive planning, evolutionary design, prior delivery, and continuous improvement. This approach works well for complex projects, where customer requirements change more frequently. We prefer to develop multiple modules simultaneously, rather than handling each one individually. This allows for more outputs to be produced in a shorter time.


It is important that both the client and Mobile App Development Agency stay in touch to achieve better results. The development phase will be more difficult if the client and the team are unable to communicate because of time gaps or other issues. This can lead to an increase in the time it takes for apps to be built. Mobility experts are always available to help you keep in touch and speed up your development.

Wrapping up

It is clear that creating a mobile app of high quality is no easy feat. To create an app that is a leader in the app market, it takes time, effort, money, and strategy. Contact us if you have any questions about app development.