What You Need To Know To Start Building Mobile Apps In React Native?

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform applications. It is based on a JavaScript library that provides you flexible and efficient user interfaces.

React Native Offers Many Great Features, Some of Which Are As Below:

  • As we have seen above, react native uses JavaScript, which is one of the popular programming languages and it counts as a benefit because JavaScript supports both Android and iOS platforms.
  • React Native has tremendous community support. It has many third-party plugins and frameworks that can build a unique app.
  • React Native has developed using new UI components and features with great stability and constant development.

Things You Need To Consider To Start Building Mobile Apps In React Native:

Building Native Mobile Apps:

React Native provides you native components like push notifications, gestures, camera, and location.

Building Cross-platform Mobile Apps:

This is one of the significant benefits of React Native App Development Services. Before Facebook created it, you had to build your app twice and with different codes: one for iOS using Swift or Objective-C and one for Android using Java or Kotlin. React Native provides you solutions for both Android and iOS platforms.

Write Your Code All In JavaScript And React

Write Your Code All In JavaScript And React

While you are building React Native apps, you will write JavaScript. It allows you to build great UI components.

Getting Started With React Native

Although using React Native seems easy but at the same time can be a bit confusing. First, install React Native:

Using expo-cli:
  • It’s a command-line tool. It helps you to download and install the React Native boilerplate, integrated with expo API. It is one of the simplest ways to build a React Native app, and it’s the recommended way if you’ve just started with React native.
  • Expo-cli gives you many options. You can run and test your application on a mobile device with no configuration. Scan a QR code and your app will open up with the expo mobile app.
Using React-native-cli:
  • The react-native-cli does the same job as expo-cli, but with a fresh approach and extra advantages. React Native-cli offers multiple options and the ability to create native modules in your application. You don’t need to eject your application to make native modules. Ejecting makes you able to use native modules and write your own.
  • Developing React Native apps on different platforms is a unique process. Sometimes we need some specific configuration for a specific platform. Like for Android platform, you can use Android SDK, as shown below:

Getting Started With React Native

Building Mobile Apps For Android

There are some requirements you need to install to develop for Android. First, download and configure both Android SDK and Android Studio.


Genymotion is a desktop application that offers a virtual emulator to test the mobile application. It gives you the option to create a customized phone with the features that you can find in any actual device. For example, enable Wi-Fi, Location, and Camera.

Using Actual Devices

Nothing is better than using real devices to run and test your app. This is because it lets you know how your application looks like on a real device. You might experience your work seems more practical in a way the virtual device doesn’t provide.

Building React Native Apps For iOS

React Native with iOS is way different from Android, although it runs in both platforms very well, with some exceptions.

Debugging React Native
  • There are many ways to debug a React Native app like: Debug with Chrome dev tools.
  • React Native gives you the option to use Chrome dev tools to see the logs of your app. To debug with Chrome and enable debugging mode in your emulator, on the keyboard just click Ctrl+ m.


React Native has seen impressive growth since its launch. If you want to expand your reach and services to smartphones, consider choosing React Native or looking for React native app development company. Visit us at Hire React Native Developers, Our well-experienced, dedicated React Native developers have a high level of experience and 100% assurance of solving complex issues of applications within a stipulated time.

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