Why Flutter App Development Is Most Trending Technology

In recent years, mobile app development frameworks have been popping up like crazy, with each one offering its own perks. One of the newest ones on the block is Flutter, which Google unveiled at Google I/O in 2017. While Flutter still has yet to gain widespread use as of March 2018, it’s no doubt been gaining traction in the developer community. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider using Flutter to build your next app project over more established frameworks like React Native or Xamarin.

Google, Alibaba and Tencent all use it

Flutter allows developers to create high-quality native apps quickly and efficiently. With an extensive set of software tools, including a compiler, IDE, Hot reloader and more, Flutter provides a high-velocity development experience that helps you iterate quickly and solve tough bugs fast.

It has mobile SDKs available in both iOS (from Apple) and Android (Google) flavours. This means that you can develop both iOS and Android apps from the same codebase simultaneously, saving your business considerable time and money.

The same code works on iOS and Android

Flutter is a mobile app SDK (Software Development Kit) that builds upon existing technologies and combines them into a beautiful, cohesive whole. What does this mean? It means that apps created in Flutter look beautiful on both Android and iOS. This eliminates the need to write separate code bases for each platform, essentially doubling your programming capacity.

If you’ve ever tried coding an app that needs to be compatible with both platforms, you know how challenging it can be. However, with Flutter, there’s no such problem because everything is already built-in!

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Beautiful designs

The design of a mobile app can go a long way in determining its success. By relying on traditional UI paradigms and classic code free (relying on external designers to create pixel-perfect designs) methods, you leave yourself at risk of a dated or clunky interface, slow performance, and an unintuitive user experience.

With Flutter’s powerful animation system and a refreshingly new set of UI components that make it fun to use, you’ll have complete freedom to create anything without code constraints. And by exploring both interactive design modes like quick prototyping tools as well as UI editing tools that allow custom tweaking, your team will be able to work more efficiently than ever before.

Native experience

Flutter gives your app a native feel without all of the work. Flutter is based on an old and familiar set of frameworks (Skia, PDF, Cairo), which are optimized for beauty and performance. With these design features in mind, Flutter delivers buttery-smooth scrolling even as you zoom in or out. That’s really important for viewing panoramic images or 360-degree videos, which can consume all your screen space if not handled well.

But the real advantage comes with apps that need to resize themselves to match different device types. For example, iOS apps don’t run on Android devices at all, so Apple has to make two versions of their app: one for iPhone and one for iPad Pro. But developers using Flutter just have to make one version; they tell it how large they want the phone version to be and the system takes care of adapting it for other sizes automatically!

JetBrains, Google and Intel support it

Google and Intel have supported Flutter by building two new preview tools. With Google’s being a Dart Language Server and Intel releasing a C++ IDE with an integrated Clang-based debugger. At Microsoft Build 2018, Microsoft announced official support for building Universal Windows Platform apps with Flutter as well.
Moreover, there is also JetBrains Rider which supports D code snippets and analysis of those snippets. And lastly, we should not overlook Electron which runs inside. Your regular Chrome browser is just like it does in React Native or Cordova.

But can be programmed using JavaScript instead of JavaScript (Javascript). The project was conceived by GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath and Tom Preston. Werner in 2012 and was designed to take advantage of Web technologies, particularly HTML5 canvas. It leverages technologies such as Node.js, npm, an Electron shell, HTML5’s Canvas element to display vector graphics, and CSS3 flexbox module to create responsive layouts with inflexible boxes that grow or shrink depending on available space.

Impressions and conversions matter

Even if we’re working with a team of expert app developers, we still want to look good. While it’s important to identify your most valuable user segments and clearly articulate your messaging goals. You don’t want to lose sight of quality when you’re trying to launch on time and on budget. We all know that building apps aren’t easy – to time constraints.

Shifting priorities and ever-changing technology can lead some to lower their standards in order to get an app live quickly. However, there are two important things about building an app that many of us may not consider: impressions and conversions. We don’t just want our apps to function well – we also want them to look. Beautiful and inviting so that our users are comfortable using them. Flutter has many advantages in app development so if you want to develop an app for your next startup or for your business you should hire a flutter developer.

The future belongs to cross-platforms

We live in an era of multiplatform support, where we need to use different browsers for mobile phones and desktops. This makes cross-platform development with one language that can be on each platform an attractive option to many. One such programming language, which has been gaining popularity recently, is Dart.

It takes some time to get accustomed to using this language.  It has lots of similarities with other languages like C++ and Java but in spite of this difficulty. People are choosing Dart over alternatives like JavaScript or Objective-C to make their next app development project a success.


Apps are becoming more and more popular, but with how fast the trends are changing, it’s difficult to know what programming language to use. On top of that, it’s even harder when considering all of the benefits that each type of development offers.

Luckily, there is an easier solution! Flutter app development company can help you make this decision. Not only do they offer expertise in both iOS and Android development, but also much-needed stability in this ever-changing world.