Why is Flutter the Ideal Technology that Startups Can Choose for App Development?

Flutter is one of the top growing platforms for mobile app development. It is popular because of building cross-platform apps with native user experience.

Flutter already has the support of Google for creating a niche and high-quality mobile apps at a faster pace along with a distinct cost-benefit. Plus, Flutter has so much to offer that makes it a preferred solution for app development startups.

Here are the Reasons Why is Flutter the Ideal Technology that Startups Can Choose for App Development:

Low Development and Maintenance Costs

We all are familiar with how costly it can be to build a native app. In the case of cross-platform apps, Flutter allows you to use a single code base to create apps that operate on several platforms flawlessly, which eventually reduces app maintenance cost.

As startups may not able to spend much on native app development, hence through flutter developers can use a single code base feature to avoid the different OS systems for creating mobile apps. Flutter reduces the cost of maintenance of mobile applications, and that is something that startups very much appreciate.

Shorter Time-to-market

Flutter is known for saving the cost and time of your development process. Flutter cross-platform mobile apps are developed with a single code base. Here, you don’t have to write codes repeatedly to make your app run on a different OS. Hence, it leads to faster app development and fulfills shorter time-to-market.

Wide variety of plug-ins

Hire flutter app developers who can use a large collection of plugins that facilitate ease in designing a cross-platform app. In short, flutter makes the whole process of mobile app development easier and efficient.

Quick and easy testing

Quick and Easy Testing

Not every time you need to hire an expert to check app performance for different OS. In Flutter, the QA tester has to check only one version of the application.

Flutter provides you the ease of app development with native performance while maintaining visual consistency across platforms. Also, you can hire flutter developers from the Flutter app development company.

Code is Reusable

As we have discussed above points that code reuse is one of the major benefits and allows to convert into various programming languages for each platform. The outcome is a time- and money-efficient process of mobile app development.

Code is reusable

Prominent Design Features

The primary focus of every business is to reach its potential target audience so that it can acquire the desired amount of funding. Flutter has a wide range of prominent UI features and designs, which draws in customers and investors alike.

Flutter allows you to work with its most powerful customized widgets for different platforms as native apps so that developers can develop a seamless and great user experience. Moreover, Flutter also provides Material design for different platforms.

Flutter developers use UI creation tools and widgets to integrate all of the apps platform-based functions like navigation, fonts, icons, scrolling, etc. Flutter provides you a powerful platform-dependent native experience, such as iOS or Android. It also helps to generate structured and persuasive UIs that rely on geographical locations, depending on the preferred language, text, and even the target area’s layout.

Dart in Flutter 

Dart is Flutter’s object-oriented language that compiles into native code using various time development techniques. Flutter has by default in-built widgets. Flutter application directly connects with the native platform.

The fun fact is Flutter uses OS as a canvas for creating an interface and transfer services like rendering, gestures, and animations, into the structure itself, allowing developers to complete device oversight.

Strong Back-end

When paired with Firebase, Flutter app offers out-of-the-box and stable assistance, hosting solutions, real-time database, protocols for user authentication, as well as various key back-end features.

Be aware that for start-ups, the Firebase back-end features are critical as this allows them to reduce their back-end development processes alongside associated expenses. Hence, the firebase software release automation tools for mobile app launch.

Hot Reload 

Flutter offers a more interactive app development process and the developer can easily modify the code through the hot reload feature. Plus, a developer can also fix the bugs without sacrificing functions and redeployment of the code, if any issue occurs during the development process.

Here, developers can see real-time improvements, add functions, fix issues, and modify quickly. Through Hot reload, developers and designers can coordinate together to work on UI in parallel, and verify results immediately.


Undoubtedly Flutter has so much to offer ahead-of-time app development framework to make the development process easy for startups and low-budget projects. As for now, all we can say is Flutter is here to grow as a future-ready development solution for app development projects across niches. It has more prominent features and benefits which you can access with us at Shiv Technolabs Pvt.ltd. We have hands-on experience with Flutter app development services that run on iOS and Android from the singular codebase.