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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has written to Bharat Biotech India Ltd (BBIL) to step up its joint development efforts for BBV152 and has issued a clarification after it was claimed that the coronavirus vaccine in India will not be released until after human trials start in July. On its official website, Bharat’s Biotechnology announced that the vaccine has already been received and that testing will begin across India by July 2020. The India Institute of Health Research and Development (IHRD) and its partners on Thursday ordered BBL to conduct human clinical trials in the first quarter of next year and the second half of 2019. 

On its website, you can see the timetable for the first phase of clinical trials for BBV152 in India starting on 13 July 2020. It can also be seen on the website of the Indian Council of Medical Research (IHRD). 

Several media outlets reported that scientists were concerned about the deadline set by the ICMR and questioned the decision to develop a vaccine against coronavirus in India. Experts also warned against rushing the process of developing the COVID-19 vaccine, stressing that it had acted in accordance with globally recognized standards. They also warn against hasty and inaccurate media reports on clinical trials of the vaccine, and experts also stress the need for it to be in line with global standards and standards for vaccine development and testing, as well as the need for vaccine safety and efficacy in all countries. Experts also warn of haste and inaccuracy in developing a COID19 vaccine, stressing how it must act “in accordance with globally accepted standards,” according to the World Health Organization. 

Experts also warn against hastily ending the process of developing the COVID-19 vaccine, stressing that it has acted in accordance with globally accepted standards. The ICMR stated that while it wanted to advance the development of COVAXIN, which is being developed in collaboration with Bharat Biotech, it must follow accepted standards for vaccine development. Experts also stress that the procedures for developing the CoVID-19 vaccine have been “in accordance” with the “globally accepted standard,” according to the World Health Organization. 

In a letter to Bharat Biotech, the ICMR said that the domestic coronavirus vaccine needed to be tested quickly so that it could publish a report on the clinical trial by August 15. We therefore strongly recommend that the results of the approved clinical trials in connection with the introduction of tests with BBV152 and the COVID vaccine be rapidly followed to ensure the safety and efficacy of COVAXIN for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in India, “the letter continues. The ministry’s statement comes just days after the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHF) set August 15, Independence Day, as the target date for the release of the coronavirus vaccine. 

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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has written to selected medical institutions and hospitals to launch the indigenous COVID-19 vaccine on August 15 and is writing to them to develop the vaccine candidate COVAXIN in collaboration with Bharat Biotech. The Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Medical Research and Education Council in India is developing vaccine candidates for Covaxin in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHF) and is being developed by the Indian Institute of Public Health Research and Development (IIPRD), with the collaboration of Bharat’s Biotechnologies, India and the United States of America (USA), in partnership with India’s National Cancer Institute (NCA) and in the absence of a clinical trial for the domestic coronavirus vaccine by 16 August 2016. While the Canadian Medical Council (CMC) – Indian Center for Medical Research (CCMRC) is aiming for the introduction of the “indigenous CO VID-19 vaccine” on July 15, the Indian Health Board (IMR) has developed the vaccine candidate “COVAZINE.” It has also written to the selected medical facility and hospital as it seeks to select a “vaccine candidate” for CovaxIN in collaboration with IMR, developed in collaboration with BJPT, Bharat Biotechnology, and India Health Services (India). 

Bharat Biotech is building a plant in Hyderabad to manufacture the inactivated polio vaccine that is now used for the COVID-19 vaccine. This coincides with a letter from the Indian Council of Medical Research to 12 hospitals and medical institutions to speed up the testing process for its vaccine and to launch Covaxin for public use on August 15. 

Covaxin is being developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Medical Research (IIMR) in Hyderabad, India. After receiving approval from the Indian Medicines Control Board, Bharats Biotechnology will conduct phase III studies of COVAXIN in humans in the coming months. This trial will involve 26,000 volunteers in India, who are conducting the largest clinical trial to date of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. 

The vaccine is working well in the pre-clinical phase in India, where it is the number one vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) in the country. Meanwhile, Bharat’s other vaccine candidate, the COVID-19 vaccine, is also working on its own vaccine. It is in a number of clinical trials in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.