How to Recover my Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook users are increasing like a forest fire day by day with about 200 billion active users per month. This high amount of users spend about 3-4 hrs at least on Facebook involving in either casual chit chat or professional business handles or work. With this wide range of activities happening on Facebook, there are some rules and regulations designed to enjoy this app in harmony and systematically. But if one tries to unfollow any of these rules and regulations from Facebook guidelines, then Facebook will take action against your Facebook account by disabling it temporarily.

If you are somebody whose Facebook account has been disabled due to any reason and now you find ways on how to recover Facebook disable the account, then you have landed at the right place. 

This guide covers all the reasons why Facebook disables your account and how to recover your FB disable the account.

Is a disabled Facebook account is equal to deleted account?

No, a disabled Facebook account means that you have lost your Facebook account access for some time and you won’t be able to operate your account till that period. It can be of two ways,

  • Facebook disabled your account because of your deed, which can be fixed by you.
  • Facebook is under construction which will activate your account once they are repaired.

Reasons why Facebook disables your account.

  1. If you have done a lot of messages, comments or posts from your Facebook account within a short period, Facebook will count it in spam comments or text and will disable your account
  2. If you have done any abusive comment or some abusive message that counts as offensive in facebook guidelines, your account will be disabled in offence of this crime
  3. If you have crossed the limit of sending requests on Facebook, it will also be considered spam and will result in your Facebook account disabling.

How to recover a disabled Facebook account

  1. Go to
  2. Press on the “My Facebook Account Has been disabled page” 
  3. There you need to press on Submit the Appeal
  4. Fill in your personal details that are asked such as 
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Facebook username
  • Facebook password
  • Phone number 
  • If asked, then submit your identification proof to such driving license, PAN card, as such.
  1. At last select on sending and wait until facebook verifies it and send the confirmation code to reactivate your account.

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